Oct. 10th, 2011 03:34 pm
I have made it through September. Hooray! I met with all 45 or so of my freshmen, a handful of other students, went to a ton of programs, got my group launched successfully, and haven't run away or quit my job or anything. I even somehow made it to the gym all eight times last month (required in order for the gym membership to be free), and escaped to Chicago for a long weekend. And now I can breathe again. Hooray.

I spent much of this weekend doing the things I love most. I finished off a hat. I played three games of Scrabble and ate a lobster roll. I watched some grey's anatomy, some chopped, and probably some other things. I made it through about 10 magazines, putting recipes in my iPad so i could recycle the magazines. i baked and cooked. i stripped wood off of the deck with a power washer (oops). i listened to beauty queen sister a bunch of times. i took apart the big desk upstairs and replaced it with a smaller desk, thus opening up some more space in the study/library/tim's dressing room. my goal is for the chair to function as a chair instead of as a blanket holder.

Today is fall break day, which means low student traffic, so i'm actually getting through a lot of paperwork stuff too. fewer magazines, fewer student files, and less clutter. and the colors are starting to change. good stuff.


Jun. 29th, 2011 10:26 am
having two livejournals, fb and twitter makes it really complicated, figuring out what to put where. i originally splintered [livejournal.com profile] scrabblek8 off of this journal so that i could keep that part of my life/friends separate from my "real life," but now they're just so intertwined that it's starting to feel silly. but, there are plenty of people in scrabble who i don't want to know that much about my life outside of scrabble, and there are plenty of y'all who read this who couldn't care less about the scrabble, so i guess it's fine. y'all who read all my internet blathering will just have to tolerate some redundancy here and there. in any case, i'd like to keep up with this journal better than i have been in the past year or two, because i like being able to go back to it and reference what i was up to.

so, that aside... this past weekend. was so good. there is a lot of Maine to explore, and i get excited about it. as usual, our trip included farmers market, food, beer, yarn, coffeeshops, and random browsing through shops. it's nice to have my amazon wishlist with me at all times on my phone - i can be out shopping and see something great and jot it down there, to see if i really want/need it, or if it was just the moment that caught me up. of course, i'd rather buy the things themselves at small businesses if i'm going to buy them, but having amazon as a centralized wishlist is helpful.

our first stop was Bath, ME. it was pouring down rain, but i will brave the showers to visit Halcyon Yarn. i picked up some birthday swag for [livejournal.com profile] woolarina, some Zino to make socks for Tim, and some Rios because every time I see it, I must buy it. We visited the farmers market, looked at the water, and jumped back in the car. Visited a few more businesses and markets along the route, including the State of Maine Cheese Company, grabbed a hot dog at Wasses, played a couple of games on Scrabble at a coffee/book shop in Rockland, and eventually checked in at the Old Granite Inn. We had the smallest, most economical room, but it was still perfectly fine for our needs.

Went to Primo for dinner, which I already posted about. The menu changes every night, so if I lived there, I would have to talk myself out of going every day, even if just to read the menu. We walked around the grounds first, checking out the gardens, the chickens, and the very tame pigs. Looked up descriptions of the various salumi on offer with my phone, and settled on boar lombazini, which was basically meat candy - salty and smooth and great. The service at the table was excellent, and they wrote "Happy 10th Anniversary" in chocolate on my dessert plate, reminding me of the "congratulations" written similarly on my plate after we got engaged (rather publicly, at a restaurant).

On Sunday, we went to the Farnsworth Art Museum (thank you, NPR member card, for the 2 for 1 deal). There was a special exhibit of Andrew Wyeth's art, and an exhibit by Paul Caponigro, a Maine photographer. This was my favorite piece - just a bunch of broken ice, taken in Newton, MA. Headed back home, took a long nap in the car, casted on a sock, had lunch at an indian place in Biddeford.

10 years! still hard to believe.


Jun. 26th, 2011 10:12 pm
Before dinner - some cheddar-ish cheese served with honeycomb, strawberry, fig, toasted bread
plus a plate of boar lombazini, one of the many meats they cure onsite.

Amuse - tuna on crostini with caper, olive, greens

Me - Duck confit with sunflower sprouts and cherry vinaigrette, roasted red and golden beets, cherries, and crostini with goat cheese and cherry

Tim - Morel chanterelle and some other wild mushroom cavatelli with peas and pea tendrils in cream sauce

Tim - Char with white and dragon beans, Hot Italian sausage and tomato sauce and basil

Me - Sea bass with homemade pappardelle, charred garlic scape, fava beans, roasted corn, speck in creamy sauce

Tim - Belgium chocolate budino cake with mint chocolate ice cream and raspberries

Me - Lemon cake, meringue, blueberry (?) compote

Mignardises - passionfruit marshmallow and grand marnier truffle

best meal we've had in maine, despite having to listen to the people at the table next to us talking about colonoscopies.

kittery me!

Aug. 4th, 2008 04:38 pm
Look at the cute thing that [livejournal.com profile] sharkycharming wrote for us:

There once was a couple from Kittery
Whose dogs sometimes acted quite skittery
When faced with a mouse
or a squirrel near their house
Their vocalizations were tittery.



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