So, we sent the cat on to a new home today. As cats go, this was probably one of the best versions we could've found. It was clearly not scared of the dogs, it was friendly, and it was cute. It had personality, and seemed fairly intelligent. Unfortunately, Jasper never quite got it together. He couldn't stop staring at it, didn't seem to be eating often, and was just too paranoid about it. Plus, we're both, apparently, allergic to cats, so that tipped the balance in favor of going back to a feline-free existence.
Cat seems to be settling in okay. Jasper, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have eaten in the past, oh, since Friday. Or if he has, it's been when we aren't around. Usually, he won't eat all day until one of us is home, and then he'll eat. Lately, when we're home, he stares at the cat, and does nothing else, unless we force him to be in another room with us, away from the cat, where he sits patiently until we let him go back to staring at the cat.

Cassie has gotten very good at ignoring the cat. She even played with a toy yesterday while the cat was in the room. That's good progress.

Also, I think I might be allergic to cats. Yuck.
Jasper is currently on his leash, with the leash attached to a door knob so we don't have to hold on to him the whole time. As long as we supervise him, cat and both dogs can co-exist in one space, but right now we're trying to do stuff, so he's tethered. Cat has decided that Cassie must be a larger version of a cat, and is clearly not a concern, but Jasper is still scary. Cassie tries really hard to completely avoid Cat. I think this might manage to work out.

Went to Waltham Mills open studio tours last night. Oh, how I wish for a studio space to do my fiber stuff. I'd be so much more productive with a studio. The current setup isn't so inspiring. I dyed some roving yesterday and it's completely different colors than I thought it would be because I did it in the basement, where there's only something that vaguely resembles light. Eh.



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