Latest CD mix challenge -- songs with non-English artists or lyrics:
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penitent - suzanne vega
when i go - misty river
32 flavors - alana davis
girl in the war - josh ritter
somewhere only we know - keane
four thirty - lis harvey
rue de lis - the essex green
violent berries - exit clov
all that i'm good for - hem
where i go - natalie merchant
speak - nickel creek
the lucky one - alison krauss
don't think twice - eddie from ohio
toxic girl - kings of convenience
naked as we came - iron and wine
scrabble-ina - marie frank
polaroids - shawn colvin
all the way - indigo girls
everything is music - kris delmhorst

girl heavy, really mellow.
want a copy? always up for trading mixes...
I enjoyed [ profile] goingdriftless' CD swap, so I thought I'd start another. Anyone want to play?

1. create a mix CD.
2. burn some number of copies less than or equal to the number of participants (assuming there are some). I will post a complete list on this livejournal periodically.
3. create a playlist (at least) - cover art, liner notes and other fanciness is optional.
4. send me your CD(s) and return postage (a book of 10 postcard stamps would be perfect, or whatever random stamps are running around in your drawer, or a couple of bucks).
5. you will receive the same number of CDs that you sent back from me.

Each CD should include songs that fit the following categories (they don't have to be in this order):Read more... )
Deadline: please have CDs to me by July 15

Wanna play? Comment here and I'll send you my address! Feel free to share this with other folks you mix-swap with as well -- the more the merrier!

new mix CD

Apr. 14th, 2006 09:34 am
so, there's the mix CD trade thingie that I'm participating in right now. I think I've decided that rather than creating a brand new mix from brand new songs (which I did, more or less, a couple of weeks ago, even if I still haven't sent it out), I'm going to go through all of my old mix tapes and pick my favorite two songs from 9 or so of them, and try to meld them into a new CD. I think that'll be more fun for me. Lots of college, angsty music, probably. Maybe even high school. Mmm.
[ profile] raencloud, a copy of this will be on its way to you, if I can make it work:

Wrought Iron Fences - Kate Campbell
Concrete Sky - Beth Orton
The Sweetness - The Nields
All I'm Thinkin' About - Bruce Springsteen
Idle Hands - Amy Speace
Redefinition - Magdalen Hsu-Li
1963 - Rachel Yamagata
Breathe - Anna Nalick
Whispers of Summer - Eliza Carthy
Runaway Train - Kasey Chambers
Little Bird - Emmylou Harris
Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - Natalie Merchant
Live Long - Kings of Convenience
Lilly - Pink Martini
Metal Drums - Patty Larkin
Alimentar Mi Alma - Kimberly M'Carver
Make it up to You - Sam Shaber
Homeward Bound - Alison Brown
Finlandia - Indigo Girls w/Girlyman
My computer sounds like it's on its way to dying. Mostly, I think the fan wants to give out, but with every new noise, I feel compelled to back up my hard drive onto the external drive. Right now, I'm organizing my musicdocs folder. I have over 150 items in this music folder, most of which are track lists. There are CDs I don't even remember making. I think my favorite one that I've found so far is a dessert-themed mix:

1. Incense and Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock
2. Candyman - Aqua
3. Apple Pie a la Mode - Destiny’s Child
4. 32 Flavors - Alana Davis
5. Cherry Pie - Jayhawks Read more... )

I'm going to guess that this was made for the Grinnell radio show, but I have no recollection. There are some mixes that I outgrow almost as soon as I've made them, and some that I love years later. There are many songs that find their way onto a ridiculous number of mixes, especially as I reshuffle tracklists based on friends' differing but similar tastes. I hope to have a xmas mix done that I can give to a number of people, but the things seem to take me longer to get "right" these days. The art of the mix CD can't be rushed.
northbound on I-95 (oct '05)

1. Trouble You Can’t Fool Me - The Bird Sisters - 3.15
2. Life Less Ordinary - Carbon Leaf - 3.35
3. Storms - Railroad Earth - 4.54
4. Uniform Grey - Sarah Harmer - 3.43
5. Mushaboom - Feist - 3.46
6. Tomorrow on the Runway - Innocence Mission - 4.19
7. And a God Descended - Dar Williams - 4.15
8. Hello - Sputnik - 2.37
9. Lily - a - Passion - Grant Lee Phillips - 4.30
10. The Love Letter - Carrie Newcomer - 2.52
11. Jupiter Rising - Emmylou Harris - 3.03
12. Eggs of your Chickens - Flatlanders - 3.02
13. Free in You - Indigo Girls - 3.35
14. Cold Drink in a Dry County - Gillman Deaville - 3.47
15. Time - The Greencards - 4.33
16. Mean Old Wind - Kris Delmhorst - 2.29
17. The Lucky One - Alison Krauss - 3.10
18. East of the Mountains - Kris Delmhorst - 2.37
19. When Roses Run Dry - Sam Shaber - 4.20
20. Creepin’ In - Norah Jones - 3.03
Coffeeshops and Roaming Streets

1. Half Acre – Hem
2. Sitting Down Here – Lene Marlin
3. Every Time You Say Goodbye – Alison Krauss
4. All I Want – Natalie Merchant
5. Born to Hum – Erin McKeown
6. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind – Christine Lavin
7. All the Time in the World – Naked Blue
8. Let Me Touch You For Awhile – Alison Krauss
9. Opium – Antje Duvekot and Peter Mallick
10. Lighthouse – The Waifs
11. Tempting – Sam Shaber
12. Almost – Sarah Harmer
13. Gypsy – Suzanne Vega
14. Across the Northern Border – The Sixth Great Lake
15. Work Your Way Out – Ani DiFranco
16. Annabelle – Gillian Welch
17. The Slide – Cowboy Junkies
18. Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones
19. You Feel the Same Way Too – Rankin Family

new mix

Jan. 4th, 2004 11:02 pm
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This one was tough - guidelines involved only using tracks given to my by other people on their mixes. I also chose to make it on my stand alone CD burner, which is a very different process for me than making a mix on the computer. The stand alone burner makes a mix seem a lot more like a mixed tape used to - it's slower, more deliberate, makes me listen to the lyrics more, and how they fit together, not just how the beginning of one track sounds after the end of another. I cheated a few times - used two songs from one person, and one song that I also have on CD outside of the compilations. The mix came out pretty pensive, almost melancholy, so I put a couple of more uplifting tunes at the end. I haven't listened to it all the way through again yet, so we'll see what I think in the morning.
I'd forgotten how important song lyrics are to me. I was trying to figure out why none of the songs on recent mixes were really sticking with me, and my current hypothesis is that it's due to my not really understanding the songs or anything they're trying to say.

Flashing back to the last time I drove myself to work, I remember really hearing the words to one of the songs I was listening to (don't fix my faucet/i like it broken...) and how much more interesting the song was once I listened to its meaning.

So right now I'm copying all of these lyrics to songs that I've downloaded into a word doc. Also, now that the computer at home is upstairs, I've been listening to music more rather than turning on the television. That mp3 jukebox idea is getting more and more appealing to me...

And I've mostly finished my Imagery CD:
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in case anyone's curious, i finished making the cd i was asking for suggestions on yesterday -

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