Not much to say here, either, but I have a minute, so I thought I should use it. Did ~6 miles on my bike yesterday while Tim ran. Have decided that popcorn and milk duds is a fine dinner once in awhile. Also, the freshest and cheapest pita in the area may be found at Sizar's on Oakland Mills Road, right by the homebrew store, in Columbia. They also have very tasty, not overly sweet baklava, and good shawarma marinating spices.

Spent a couple of hours watching Lost in America, which is only serviceable -- it's what you'd expect of an Albert Brooks comedy, I guess. I want them all to be as good as Defending Your Life, and they never are. During the movie, I sorted through some of the myriad magazine articles and pages and recipes I've culled over the past couple of years and started getting them organized into books, binders, and wherever else they were supposed to go. I have a sticky paged photo album for recipes, one for home-related articles, one for other randomness, and then a blank journal that I'm filling with ephemera from 2005. The goal was to add something every day, but that isn't working so well.

Played two games of Scrabble with Tim at Starbucks last night, including one in which I found SOIGNEE, which made me happy. Broke 400 in one, was close in the other. Still feel unprepared for tourney. Was made to drink Calm Tazo tea, as I had extra energy last night.

And now, Here are the 10 first place winners in the International Pun Contest )
Dear Dogs, )

In other news, I had a really great day yesterday. This rarely happens on Tuesdays, especially without the requisite post-choir margarita, which was foregone due to the evil evil traffic caused by an accident on Greenbelt Road, coupled with Chevy's having last call at 10:15. Yesterday's weather was beautiful, my office was a reasonable temperature, I had a delightful lunch date, went home early, got to go on a bike ride (6 miles/35 minutes - I love the huge downhill from my house to the lake, although the back up at the end is less fun), had leftover Chicken Makhani for dinner, sang well at choir (even if I can't say the same for the soprano section at large), did groceries, and slept peacefully. I love Fall.



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