Breezeek posted these on Tuesday, so I think they're really from last Friday, but I like em:

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Jan. 30th, 2003 09:34 am
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It's one of those pesky news links, though, so I don't know if it'll work.

I drove to work this morning. Counter-intuitively enough, I'm more comfortable driving the full half hour to work than I am the five minutes to and from the park n ride. I'm much more familiar with this route, and it means I won't have to drive home in the dark. In fact, I plan to leave around 4:30 so that I can get home and clean a little before the person to whom I'm giving a knitting lesson arrives :)

Before leaving for work, I managed to bathe a dog, put the laundry in its hamper, and tidy up the living room. With Tim gone to Atlanta for a conference, I had trouble sleeping, so I'm working on 7 hours... a lot more than a lot of people get, I realize, but I'm still fighting out the final rounds with this cold, and I just like to get 9 hours of sleep :) any less than 8 is really unacceptable.

For a nervousness project recently, I wrote 6 mini-zines... basically enough text/pictures/material to fill up half of one side of one sheet of paper, which is then folded into a booklet. The themes were 'my bedroom,' 'youth,' 'pop culture,' 'transportation,' 'breakfast' and 'intimacy.' I will start to post them occasionally when I get around to it. Intimacy was my topic, and is the one on which I'm most interested in learning other people's opinions. Maybe I'll put that one up in some form tomorrow.

And now, working on putting my office in order, replenishing all the copies of flyers that students have taken from outside my office, and waiting until lunch when I get to play some euchre :)



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