First of all, the main woman behind Woolarina is now plus one baby boy! congratulations, Paula!

baby Oliver means that I need to pick up the pace in carrying the weight of the wool, at least when it comes to Crafty Bastards, a fair that we wouldn't miss. I'll be flying down for the weekend, yarns in tow. I'm still in the process of dyeing, so if anyone has colorway recommendations, send them this way!

I've had the week off of work recovering from pesky medical issues, so I've been entertaining myself by knitting on very small needles. I have a whole box of odds and ends from previous dye jobs, so I started making wrist warmers. None of them match, but they do show off the yarns that I've made, and they've been keeping me company while watching season three of Dexter and some Red Sox games.
If all of you yarn fans out there wouldn't mind moseying over to my little online yarn store, we've just changed the shopping cart program thingie (note my level of technical understanding of e-commerce), and would love feedback on the site!

And, if you want to shop while you're over there, sign in and use the code WOOLARINA at check out between now and Friday, and get 10% off your order!
I've added a bunch of new yarns to our lil yarn store. There are nine new worsted weight colors, seven of which are available in multiple skeins. There are four new sport weight yarns, and they're all available in four skeins each of 205 or so yards, which means buying all four would be plenty for a nice tank sweater or shawl, or two could make a pair of socks (although you'd have to handwash them, which is too much maintenance for me).
We had a great time at Boston's Bazaar Bizarre on Sunday. The crowd was amazing - the line was around the block, so it's a good thing that it wasn't as ridiculously cold or snowy as it could have been. It was, however, cold enough to sell a plethora of hats. There are many days of hat knitting and dyeing ahead before Crafty Bastards next October. Not sure if we'll do summer fairs, unless we think of useful things to sell there.

My favorite new addition to our inventory is odds and ends skeins. These are small bits of yarn from that last bit of roving that we spun, or leftover dyed yarn after reskeining a batch to a useful length. It's a great way for folks to try out a new yarn without the full-skein commitment, or to have just a bit of trim for a project. And, it's a great way for us to use our little oddball bits.

If I drove and didn't mind not having a steady income, I would craft fair across the country.
Local Crafters Combat the Typical Zombie-Holiday-Mall-Shopping-Hell with Unique DIY Craft Fair
For immediate release

The fifth annual Bazaar Bizarre, (Saturday, December 11; 1:00 – 8:00pm, Boston Center for the Arts/Cyclorama), is an underground craft fair featuring one-of-a-kind hip handmade gifts and rollicking entertainment. With over 80 vendors, local DJs, musicians, artists, and zinesters, Bazaar Bizarre promises to warm the cockles of even the stodgiest Scrooge's heart.

With the DIY/handmade phenomenon at its peak, check out the event that started it all in the Boston-area. Shoppers can expect to find the crème de la crème of handmade goods: handbags, ornaments, stationery, accessories, and silkscreened t-shirts. Bazaar Bizarre offers holiday shoppers an opportunity to purchase distinctive gifts in a unique environment.

Check out the vendor list, and come visit me and the rest of us on Sunday!
by this time next week, i hope to have completed:
-1 set handspun armwarmers with reasonable pattern that can be given away with handspun
-10 felted mice, ready for stuffing
-organization of the inventory spreadsheet 

Bazaar Bizarre Boston - Sunday December 11, 1-9pm!

Come see Paula and I be excited for the reasonable hours! We shouldn't have to get up at 5:45am for this one!

Ah, the joys of fiber. These are just a few of the lovelies that I picked up to spin away my hours. I bought about four pounds, so I'm hoping that it lasts me for awhile. I think the misty grey weather was influencing my color choices (as was my conscious avoidance of the jewel tones that overpopulate my stash right now). I'm very proud of myself for only buying yarn from the artists at Brooks Farm, who paint colors and that I couldn't duplicate on luscious yarns.

Other things I did? I met people, ate fried dough, spent quality time with Kita and her boy, held a chicken, petted sheep, made soupy cinnnamon apples without a recipe, spent too much time in the car, watched Last Samurai, and even got a few rows of knitting done. Of course, work is now out of control (I was working on a presentation til 10:30 last night), but the weekend felt like it lasted six days, and that was definitely a good thing.


Sep. 15th, 2005 12:27 pm
Argh, so, Crafty Bastards is October 1, in DC. I am in Boston(ish). I want to go, but I'd be paying about $200 to be there for about 36 hours, and giving up a weekend in the middle of crazy working like a mad person time (I'm doing two jobs right now - my old one and my new one - so I work a good 55 hours a week). But we're all set to go, and I wanna seePaula, and help with the booth, but then I also want to go to Rhinebeck, and I have to go to a wedding on Oct. 8. I need a magic 8 ball, and a lot of money.
First and foremost, check out all the work Paula has done at! The yarn pages are getting updated with all new pictures, and they're much easier to see now. The sock page, for instance. Mmm. We're doing some more dyeing this weekend, so if anyone has color requests, speak now!

In other news, our house is now officially on the market, and Tim will hopefully be signing a lease in the Boston area over the weekend. We still have no official move date, but I will be starting a new job on August 22, so it'll be before then. There will now be a Woolarina North post, and I hope to continue dyeing (and will definitely be spinning and knitting) up there :) I think the wheel will be the last thing that I pack up. The boy is a little concerned at potential buyers coming by during a dye day this weekend, but they will just have to deal. I think that the yarns hanging on the porch make the house look that much more festive.
Sunday was the Mount Pleasant Craft Fair, at which I gave out many of my personal knitting "business cards" (thank you, free offer from VistaPrint), so hopefully I've had a couple of new people surf by -- if so, please don't hesitate to introduce yourselves! and, if you bought yarn from us, send along those pictures of whatever you make, and we'll be glad to post them on the site!

The fair was a big one, with food vendors, music stages, and a couple of blocks' worth of vendors (I don't know how many to be exact, as I tried to keep myself from doing too much shopping -- shopping negates the point of selling in some respects, although I'm always interested in trading with other crafters). I applaud all of the knitters who, like me, would brave 85 degree weather to sift through wool yarns. We sold a couple of my favorite handpaints, which is great, because it means I can make more to replace them!

Paula and I have purchased new dye colors, so keep an eye out for even more color in the near future -- and if you have any requests (e.g., "ooh, I'd love to see what you'd make with colors x and y," or, "there's this great Miro painting, and I wonder what its colors would look like in a yarn"), don't hesitate to let me know! 

This coming Saturday is the Takoma Park Jazz Fest, 11am-7pm. We will be there, wearing our sunscreen! Stop by and say hello. 

And so that you aren't deprived of a picture, here are some of the felted wine totes that have since gone to new homes, but never fear, more are being knitted as we speak (I'm currently working on a pink/blue/purple) and will be available on Saturday!


Apr. 24th, 2005 11:44 am
The craft fair was a success, thanks in part to Lolly, who stopped by to say hello and pick up some yarn. It really makes a difference when people we know come by (even if we don't know them in real life!) -- breaks up the day a little, and gives us another fiber-holic to bond with. One of the women working at another craft table also works at Woolwinders, so we got to chat with her a bit about yarn, and she grabbed a skein of our fiery worsted wool yarn. We glanced over at her table a little later and saw her winding it up, while a friend dutifully sat with the skein draped across her arms.

After both of the craft fairs that I've done, I've been inspired to knit and spin. Last night at Barnes & Noble, I picked up a copy of Stephanie's book, which I look forward to reading for the next little bit, and getting signed at Sheep and Wool. This morning, I worked up a bobbin of rainbowy roving. I'm also hoping to cast on a wine tote later today. Time to restock them for the booth! We'll see what my hands think of Lamb's Pride during the summer.. maybe I'll try em out with Cascade instead this time.


Oct. 5th, 2004 11:15 am
I had a lot of fun at the craft fair, and lots of positive reinforcement for my knitting. I really love it, and definitely knit too much to just gift all of my friends, so making a bit of cash on the side is a welcome opportunity. I think the wheel even managed to pay for itself a bit. We were invited to a gala event in a month or so, and are considering doing it, although I'm not sure how well that'll mesh with holiday knitting. Lots of fast and fluffy scarves in my future, I think, and I want to do some stocking caps.

It's nice to be back on my sweater again. I finished the body while sitting and knitting at the fair, and am working my way up one sleeve, in the round. I cast on 54 stitches, and will decrease down to the called-for 48, because I decided that I wanted bell sleeves. These things are huge. Fun, though, I hope, once they're done.

Off to a conference in Cincinnati tomorrow, which means lots of time to knit in the airport!



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