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Jul. 9th, 2003 01:48 pm
Am I the last person on the Internet to discover the Best of Craigslist?

Hours and hours of library entertainment.
I have finished Phase I of the puzzles that I've been whining about, and Phase II isn't up yet, so I get to rest for a bit :) If anyone out there likes lateral thinking sorts of puzzles, these really are a lot of fun, and there are enough easy ones that you don't feel too dumb doing them :)

This is the first year that I'm on a 12-month contract, and it has made me lose all track of when the semester ends. On my 10-month, I was always counting down the days by now. Looks like commencement is May 22. There you go then.

Life is just floating by right now. I'm just content with the world - I think I feel like this every Spring. Seasons affect me more than most people, I think - maybe that's part of being an earthy Virgo type. I'm taking the stairs more, eating more heathily (except that warmer weather = more desire to drink fruity flammable beverages), and just feeling generally happy. Maybe I'll move to the Bay area after all, where the weather is like this all the time. I used to think I'd miss winter and summer if I moved somewhere with a constantly moderate temperature, but I think I'd really only miss Fall.

Must do more knitting this weekend. I still owe hats to a couple of people, and my mom's shawl is only about half done. I did finish the back and 1/3 of the front of my first sweater though. Soon I'll start my winter-holiday-present knitting.
I had a lovely shower this morning with my Clinique Happy shower gel, and then body smoothie lotion, which made me nice and citrusy. I also keep a bar of lavendar soap in my undies drawer, which in turn gives me a subtle lavendary smell. Subliminal springy scents amid these days of clouds and rain. Yum.

I have 35 or so advisee appointments next week, which means about 12 hours' worth, plus the time it takes to make notes in files and try to stay organized.

I've asked 20 questions a bunch of questions (panda bear, jump rope, asparagus (which is tells me that I like. but I don't). Most recently I asked it guitar, and it spouted a bunch of spontaneous knowledge, which it hasn't done before.
20 questions spontaneous knowledge )

I don't know much about how AI works, so I'm not sure why it gave this to me, but it's kinda amusing.

Wow. 11:30 already. I need to find my desk under the piles of papers.



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