Dec. 28th, 2012 01:30 pm
I'm rereading parts of my lj, which I am wont to do around this time of year. This list is kinda fun. My TV addictions, then and now:

2012: I have reached a point where most of what I do is watch things I've already seen. I don't have the patience to pay attention to new things. There are a couple of notable exceptions. Here's what I spent most of my time watching this year:
1. The West Wing (watched a couple seasons during election time)
2. Firefly (watched it again this year)
3. Breaking Bad (started with season one, and was through season four by the end of a week)
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Top Chef
6. Glee
7. Burn Notice
8. So You Think You Can Dance
9. Chopped
10a. Bones (though I haven't watched much of the current season)
10b. Smash

Honorable Mentions: Mad Men and Dexter. Though I don't think I've watched any this year, I still look forward to catching up soon. Also Sherlock - love it, but there just isn't enough of it to make it into the top 10.
Plan to also check out: Community, Parks and Rec, Downton Abbey, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, Treme
Tried to watch, but not sure I need to continue: Walking Dead

Now, I would say that I don't have 10 addictions. I do remember some of the ones I listed up there as being addictions when they were on. Maybe that's what I meant. Here are my ten recent shows that I tried/try not to miss, or watched via DVD marathon, or turn to on DVD/Tivo when I can't find anything else to watch:

1. The West Wing (minus season five, most of which irritates me)
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (minus most of season five; what is it with season 5 of 7?)
3. Project Runway
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Firefly
6. Sports Night
7. Scrubs
8. When ow I Met Your Mother
9. Saved (don't think it'd be here without Tivo)
10. So You Think You Can Dance (but I just watch the dancing and fast forward the rest, I swear)

~2002, I listed:
1. Sex and the City
2. Ally McBeal (first 2 seasons)
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Homefront
5. Queer as Folk
6. Class of '99
7. thirtysomething
8. Quantum Leap
9. Friends
10. The West Wing

tv backlog

Jan. 11th, 2011 05:23 pm
here's what i own that i haven't watched yet -- where to begin?

mad men season one
pushing daisies season one
all of six feet under
30 rock season one
all of the wire
heroes season one
true blood season one

i figure i should watch these (or at least most of them) before letting myself subscribe to netflix.
as long as i'm reporting on things... seasons are drawing to a close... in order of preference:

Step it up and Dance - eh. I've kind of given up. I can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance to start.
American Idol - David Cook is all fine and good, but none of them for many seasons now have really excited me that much.
Grey's - I watch 'cause it's there. Music's still pretty good.
Top Chef - I'm sad that there were no Restaurant Wars. I hope the girls hang in there.
Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother - I've fallen behind because I try to watch them with Tim, and there has been too much baseball to catch up properly. But these are the best sitcoms I've seen in awhile.
America's Next Top Model - go Whitney! I miss the format where we got to see more mini-challenges at judges' panel.
Gossip Girl - Why, why did I start watching this, and why can't I stop?
Baseball - much more interesting than the rest of the reality tv I watch.
This was nearly impossible for me.  For one, I have no memory for what I've watched.  I had to go in to random websites with "top 100 tv shows" lists and look through names of tv shows to have any idea what to pick.

West Wing - ... I can't pick one right now by reading episode guides.  I'll have to look into it in more detail.
Firefly - Trash.  or maybe Objects in Space.  The whole series, really.  It's one giant episode.
Buffy - A New Man.  Actually, most of my top ten are probably Buffy episodes.  I love a lot of the serious ones, but I laugh every time I think of the one where Giles gets turned into a demon.
Scrubs - My Musical.  I love Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
Ally McBeal - either the pilot or one of the Robert Downey Jr. episodes.
How I Met Your Mother - Drum Roll, Please.  I liked Victoria much more than I like Robin.  Something Borrowed was also a really great episode.
Friends - I have no idea which one it was, but the one where Monica wore a turkey on her head and danced around. Really, just that moment.
American Dad -Dungeons and Wagons. there's a moment where the ex-boyfriend of one of the characters is learning to play video games, and he's walking into walls, and I laugh every time I think of it.

I like Entourage a lot, but no single ep stands out for me.  Same with Queer as Folk, but I haven't watched since season two.  From back in the day, I liked Felicity, X-Files (except when it was too scary and I couldn't watch it), and Party of Five; back to high school, thirtysomething and Class of '96, but again, no single ep. My favorite reality shows don't really have episode favorites...
but if I had to...

1. Melinda
2. Chris S
3. Blake
4. LaKisha
5. Chris R
6. Stephanie
7. Phil
8. Jordin
9. Gina
10. Sanjaya
11. Haley
12. Brandon
I kinda like the new Rent soundtrack. Rosario Dawson doesn't suck -- not a whole lot of feeling in the songs, but serviceable (but then, I was never really sold on Daphne Rubin-Vega, so there was room for being okay with the new person). I hold out cautious optimism for the movie, which will be in theaters while [ profile] u4ic is here, so perhaps I can coax her into going. Would be a rather long walk to the theatah.

I've watched all of Firefly now, and I don't wanna give Netflix the DVDs back.
So, since all of you on this friendslist rave about it, I've finally broken down and started watching Firefly via Netflix. The pilot, which included two actors who played evildoing religious types on Buffy, messed with my brain, which continued to wait for Caleb to turn on everyone else and kill them all so he could head back to Sunnydale and wreak havoc. After two discs, I'm (very) slowly getting past that and enjoying the show for what it is.



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