Jun. 20th, 2011 10:10 am
i won a big scrabble tournament this weekend, so i have an unexpected windfall. i've been saying for a year or so now that the next one that i win, i will get an iPad, and i think i'm really going to do it.

here are some of the reasons i'm excited about iPad:
-- organizing recipes and being able to bring them to kitchen on iPad
-- magazine subscriptions that don't clutter up my house
-- crossword puzzles on a bigger screen - i can't handle them on my iPhone
-- movies and books when i travel
-- katamari damacy

i'm sure there will be other great things about it. i'm thinking 32gig black wifi, since i always have my phone and it has 3g.


Feb. 8th, 2011 09:17 am
my iPhone is here! it was an easy transfer of all my apps and such from my iPod, and i'm slowly learning the features that differ from iPod (like phone, obvi, and camera). its case should be here in a week, so hopefully i won't break it before then. the biggest headache so far has been trying to get all of my contacts into one place - it seems to be pulling them from my mac, and i didn't even know i had contacts on my mac, and what i do have is a big mess. i'll probably end up using my outlook email contacts instead, but that means importing everything from gmail, plus phone numbers i only had on my phone, into my outlook, then deleting duplicates, merging records with multiple email addresses, and adding snail mail address info. this is the kind of mind-numbing task i love, but i shouldn't be working on it at work, since i have a ridiculous amount of stuff to catch up on after being out all last week.

i'm still not well. i can't stop coughing, even though i took my mucinex, and i'm dead tired. i made it through 7 hours of meetings yesterday, but just barely. at least it's all just sitting with my students and chatting - those are pretty easy meetings.

top ten apps i use on iphone: karatasi (scrab flashcards), drop 7 (game), facebook, iHome alarm, Zarf (scrab lookup), Scrabble, Remote, Boggle, Yelp, twitterific.


Jul. 14th, 2006 09:23 am

This is my new toy. It's already been discontinued from the world, but it's shiny and new to me. It's a Palm Zire 31, and is mostly to be a toy for learning Scrabble words. I have also fed it a couple of pictures and solitaire. If anyone has suggestions for other useful things that it might need, let me know. I wouldn't mind a freeware version of sudoku. Oh, and maybe I'll actually use it as a calendar or something... and I'm sure it'll get itself a name at some point. I've tried to use a palm before, but it didn't stick. We'll see how it goes this time around.
Got up early, went to the Des Moines coffee house, which had passable coffee, but also free postcards, so that made up for the coffee. Bought a Sunday NYT, did the crossword puzzle (in pen, as I always do xword puzzles), only had to make up two letters (main ingredient in china clay, and one other one). Not bad, considering I haven't done a puzzle in about a year. I'm jealous that the one of the Chicago papers has Scrabble puzzles now. My mom cut a bunch of them out and sent them with a birthday package (my family is notoriously late with packages), but it's just not the same as doing them with your coffee in the morning.

Headed back to the apartment, picked up Rochelle, and went to 7A for brunch. I had wonderful, wonderful Brioche French Toast with raisins and walnuts, rum butter sauce, and syrup, plus bacon, home fries and fresh squeezed orange juice. Mmmmm. I miss living in a neighborhood where you can walk 4 blocks and pass 5 places that serve brunch. I think it's my favorite meal. We had to hit the road after brunch, but stopped in Delaware (land of no sales tax) and bought Charlie the Compaq laptop, plus a couple of CDs, and saved a decent amount of money. Yay for 18 month interest free financing, and being able to both use computers simultaneously. Charlie has already taken a trip to Starbucks, and has come in very handy in his two days with us.

Sunday evening was spent trying to do work. It didn't go so well, but it never does upon return from vacation. I did get three loads of laundry done.
ahh, weekends.

we had a great day for customer service on Saturday. It started with a trip to Galyan's (the wonderful sporting goods store), where the salesperson was wonderfully useful, and even got us free shipping on a new ellipse machine for me (and now I might actually work out, since I don't have to leave the house to do so). We stopped to visit Becca, my now-pregnant friend who has been my best friend for 10 years now, hung out and chatted a bit, cleaned, and then headed into DC. We had dinner at a nice, but still pretty casual place attached to a hotel, where our server was also wonderful and friendly, and served the wine correctly and so forth. Finished off the evening with 'Song and Dance' at the Kennedy Center with Alice Ripley, which was much better than it would've been were it still Bernadette Peters, as it is on the soundtrack. Ripley has a much cleaner voice, and she's little and cute :)

Today has been mostly sitting around, cleaning, knitting, and watching movies on TV (Never Been Kissed, She's All That, and Pretty Woman) as I cleaned and knitted. Dog got a bath, I made a german oven pancake for breakfast (so easy! melt a whole lot of butter in a glass pie pan, mix together 1/2 c each milk and flour, add 2 slightly beaten eggs and a pinch of nutmeg, add egg-milk-flour-nutmeg mix to pie pan, bake at 425 til fluffy, serve with powdered sugar and lemon), had falafel and homemade french fries for dinner... all around good, lazy home day.



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