Jun. 26th, 2012 08:33 am
  • 2002: Italian dinner at I Ricchi (ended in being so full we couldn't climb into our loft bed and slept on the floor. romantic).
  • 2003: Wild Orchid Cafe
  • 2004: no idea. didn't write about it, so it doesn't exist.
  • 2005: Geoff and Mary's wedding
  • 2006: I was at a conference in Portland, OR, and then Tim came up and we celebrated in OR/WA
  • 2007: Signature Room at the 95th in the Hancock Building in Chicago (which was also where we got engaged)
  • 2008: Oleana (in the midst of trying to sell our Waltham house)
  • 2009: somewhere in Vermont, while Tim's parents were visiting
  • 2010: i had surgery, and then laid on the couch in a vicodin-induced haze. we might have done something before the surgery, but i don't know what it was.
  • 2011: Primo in Rockland (though on the actual day of our anniversary, Tim was at a meeting at school and I ate take-out chinese)
  • 2012: Peacock Inn in Princeton

after eight hours of travel for eight hours on the ground, i am the proud wife of a [livejournal.com profile] mthgeek who has successfully defended a dissertation. all he has are some revisions standing between him and the poofy hat. and now, i will frantically pack and go to bed so I can scrabble this weekend.

mmmm food

Feb. 15th, 2003 03:15 pm
I had quite the lovely Vday after counting down the minutes til the end of work.

Tim had been totally downplaying the plans. I figured we'd just hang out at home, he'd cook dinner, maybe rent a movie. I'd bring it up and he'd absent mindedly say 'yes honey' or some such. I asked him what he was thinking of cooking and he'd mumble something about looking in a cookbook soon, etc. He reminded me that he had a school observation he had to do for work, so he wouldn't have much time to get anything ready, and he'd just pick me up from work and we'd go to the grocery store and so forth. Okay, whatever, I wasn't that concerned about Valentine's Day. It's been four years, and I'm not as anxious about doing nice things any more, I suppose.

So he picked me up, and I whined because I had wanted to play some cards with the boys at school and him, but he made up excuses about long day, not having quarters for a parking meter, etc. I asked him what the plan was and he said something like 'plan? I guess we could see a movie or something..." I hadn't eaten much that day, so I got a little carsick on the way home and dozed on and off. As we approached our exit, we were chatting and there was a car next to us and we ended up in (what I thought was) the wrong lane and missed the turn-off to the road we take home. I was again a little cranky, with the carsickness and so forth, and he said 'well, I guess we'll just go see a movie in Bethesda now so we don't have to turn around'... I figured, sure, I'm not starving yet, we could go see a movie and I could have some popcorn. We drove a bit further and he said 'we might as well get dinner while we're there' -- sounds fine, I told him, except I'm in jeans, so we can only go somewhere as fancy as my outfit, and likelihood of finding a table at anywhere fancier is slim anyway. So he throws me a bag with a pair of my nice pants in it, and then I was decidedly suspicious about the plans and supposed lack thereof.

We went to grapeseed, which is a great new wine bar/restaurant, over 80 bottles, food inspired by the wine, written up as one of the top 100 restaurants in the area by the Washingtonian. Had great food, wine, dessert, then headed to Barnes and Noble, as too intoxicated to drive home, and played some Scrabble, read, etc. He was quite proud of himself for having such plans, and my not figuring them out until the last minute. He even had flowers in the trunk of the car for me.

So yeah, I suppose that was an acceptable Vday, then :)
I can't believe I've managed to keep myself busy for this long at work! I've read entries three times today, and just realized that I didn't post anything this morning. Weird.

Nothing like four days of no working to make you feel like being productive. I haven't left my office all day except for water and bathrooms. I ate lunch at my desk and read listserv messages, and have otherwise done a good job of balancing work-related stuff with personal-related (personally-related?) stuff all day.

Last night, Tim and I talked for three hours. Not about anything serious or important, but just randomly sat on the bed, played cards and chatted. It felt good. We talked about how it's been four years since we went swing dancing together, and thus a few days less than four years since we officially decided that we were dating. Trying to think back to what happened that first few months makes me wish that I'd been keeping a journal for much longer, because I remember vaguely what it was like, how I felt, but I'd love to be able to look back at my words and thoughts at the time.

I've recently thrown around the idea of putting my webpage back up, and what form I'd put it in if I did. I have the space, and will have it for the next three years (assuming I manage to keep my job, and with the current economic situation in this state, who knows...) - I used to think it was good and important and loved having it for myself and for others, and I'm feeling less compelled to do so now than I did then. I'm not sure what that means in my life. Maybe it's one less online thing that I need to not be addicted to playing with (excuse the poor grammar, I'm stream of consciousness-ing). Maybe I have nothing that interesting to put on it, or don't think the things I used to think were so interesting are that interesting any more, or maybe they're so interesting that they don't need a place on the web to display them and my knowing them is enough. or maybe I'm lazy and I don't feel like writing a layout. I still haven't even figured out how to customize my layout here, really.
ahh, weekends.

we had a great day for customer service on Saturday. It started with a trip to Galyan's (the wonderful sporting goods store), where the salesperson was wonderfully useful, and even got us free shipping on a new ellipse machine for me (and now I might actually work out, since I don't have to leave the house to do so). We stopped to visit Becca, my now-pregnant friend who has been my best friend for 10 years now, hung out and chatted a bit, cleaned, and then headed into DC. We had dinner at a nice, but still pretty casual place attached to a hotel, where our server was also wonderful and friendly, and served the wine correctly and so forth. Finished off the evening with 'Song and Dance' at the Kennedy Center with Alice Ripley, which was much better than it would've been were it still Bernadette Peters, as it is on the soundtrack. Ripley has a much cleaner voice, and she's little and cute :)

Today has been mostly sitting around, cleaning, knitting, and watching movies on TV (Never Been Kissed, She's All That, and Pretty Woman) as I cleaned and knitted. Dog got a bath, I made a german oven pancake for breakfast (so easy! melt a whole lot of butter in a glass pie pan, mix together 1/2 c each milk and flour, add 2 slightly beaten eggs and a pinch of nutmeg, add egg-milk-flour-nutmeg mix to pie pan, bake at 425 til fluffy, serve with powdered sugar and lemon), had falafel and homemade french fries for dinner... all around good, lazy home day.


Nov. 27th, 2002 05:10 pm
(backdated, but I really wanted to write about this)

Tim is lucky enough to have some classes canceled this week, thanks to the Thanksgiving Break, so he agreed to drive me to work on Wednesday, and work on the computers on campus and read an article that we have at my library but not at his. I purposely scheduled myself an easy day today, since I knew I'd be burned out, and that most students would be gone. An hour and a half for lunch, and leaving at 3:30 -- I suppose I shouldn't complain. Plus the not having to drive always makes me feel better about working.

So my morning appointments all showed up early, which meant I was done with advising by 11:15, and didn't have another appointment until 1:00. I called Tim (am so spoiled with the cell phone), and we decided to actually leave campus for lunch.

I had been to Ellicott City's historical district once before, so I pretended that I'd be able to navigate us back there, since he'd never seen it. With the help of a map that we handily keep in the glove compartment, we actually got there without a problem. It's a really cute town, built along and into the side of a big rocky something - bluff? or just small mountain? In any case, many of the buildings butt up against it, and if you look between buildings, you can see rock and trees growing out, and, basically, it's just pretty. We walked up and down the main street, window shopping, checking out the holiday decorations, while I narrated my last (and only other visit) to the town.

We ate at a little restaurant/coffeeshop, 100% vegetarian (contrary to popular belief, I can find vegetarian food that I like). He had something with portabellas and a pot of green tea, I had a hummus sandwich and a big hot chocolate. Topped off with a brownie, it was quite a lovely respite from the work day, as short as it was.

We've been going on more little mini-dates recently, since my tirade about being too boring and normal, and I appreciate that. If only I liked to do more things that weren't as expensive :)



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