1. Right Right Now Now - Beastie Boys
2. Final Straw - REM
3. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) - Marvin Gaye
4. Not So Far to Go - David Byrne
5. All You Fascists - BB & Wilco
6. Cameroon - Capitol Steps
7. Born in the USA - Springsteen
8. Move On - Mike Doughty
9. Kill for Peace - The Fugs
10. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - Flaming Lips*
11. Power to the People - John Lennon
12. Votagra - Capitol Steps
13. Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane
14. Day After Tomorrow - Tom Waits
15. A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free - Elliott Smith*
16. We Got to Have Peace - Curtis Mayfield
17. For Now - Avenue Q

* = on rotation at WMBC
That was a dysfunctional show. The CD I was hoping to use didn't burn in time, so I ended up mostly playing rotation discs. Plus, the microphones weren't working, so I couldn't even chat:

Brian Wilson - Smile - our prayer/gee*
Brian Wilson - Smile - on a holiday*
10000 maniacs - campfire songs - like the weather
Peggy Honeywell - Honey For Dinner - red light runnin baby*
Butchies - make yr life - trouble*
Erin Mckeown - grand - born to hum
Paul Westerberg - hear music - lookin up in heaven
Caitlin Cary - hear music - cello girl
Folk Implosion - the new folk implosion - creature in salt*
cafe tacuba - vale callampa - tirate*
Owen - the ep - in the morning, before work*
Susana Baca - espiritu vivo - afro-blue/zum zum*
Lira and Valdez - best of broadside promo - migrant's song*
Dolly Parton - coat of many colors - coat of many colors
Indigo Girls - all that we let in - all that we let in*
Nanci Griffith - winter marquee - listen to the radio

* = on rotation
Last Train Home - Nanci Griffith (Winter Marquee/Rounder)
Country Blues - Chieftains w/Buddy & Julie Miller (Down the Old Plank Road/RCA)
*Let Me Kiss You - Nancy Sinatra
Iron or Love - Lis Harvey (Topography/Erneldahle Records)
Everything - Kate Barclay (Sunshine from Mars/Independent)
*Fond Farewell - Elliott Smith
The World is What You Make It - Paul Brady (broadcasts, vol 11/KGSR radio)
Again - Justin Rosolino (Wonderlust/Independent)
Lonely - Libby Wiebel (Erasing Yesterday/Independent)
Unworthy - Cheryl Wheeler (Sylvia Hotel/Philo)
*Heroes and Villains - Brian Wilson
St. Monday - Billy Bragg (England, Half English/Asylum)
Strange Transmissions - Norah Jones, Peter Mallick Band (Chance and Circumstance/Koch)
*This Train Will be Taking No Passengers - Augie March
Last Train to Nuremburg - Joel Band Rafael (If I Had a Song, Songs of Pete Seeger 2/Appleseed)
Waiting for a Train - Jorma Kaukonen (Blue Country Heart/Sony)

You get lots of detail because I copied-and-pasted from my notes that I made for this show, and we have to report album and label for our tracks.
* = on rotation at WMBC

I think I'll have to purchase the new Elliott Smith.
Happy October!

Brilliant Disguise - Elvis Costello
I Play Music - Rosie Thomas
Run On - Moby
Memory Lane - Elliott Smith*
Wrapped in My Sweet Savior's Arms - Grey DeLisle
Tailspin - Jayhawks
What You Want - AJ Croce*
Failure - Kings of Convenience
Song for Children - Brian Wilson*
Sailor and Widow - Keren Ann
The Hymn for Cigarettes - Hefner
Sympathique - Pink Martini
Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards - Billy Bragg
Lookin up in Heaven - Paul Westerberg*
I Am Waiting - Ollabelle
The Late Greats - Wilco*
Something's Going to Happen Soon - ballboy*

* = on rotation at WMBC.
You Can Never Leave - Crooked Fingers
Everyday is Like Sunday - 10000 Maniacs
The Girl's Distracted - Saturday Looks Good to Me*
Oh Well, Okay - Elliott Smith
Half Acre - Hem
Poughkeepsie - Devendra Barnart*
Volare - Gipsy Kings
Big Brown Eyes - Old 97s
Look at Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch
Audrey - Walking Concert*
Pancakes for One - of Montreal*
I Let You Go - Rick Fante
There's a Light Beyond These Woods - Nanci Griffith
Ashes Back to Vegas - Pete Krebs
Born to Hum - Erin McKeown
Gypsy - Suzanne Vega
Ride - Wondermints

* = on rotation at WMBC.

Lots of short songs today, so we fit a lot in!
Absent Friends - The Divine Comedy
Uniform Grey - Sarah Harmer
Back on the Chain Gang - Pretenders
There It Was - Gomez*
Caramel - Suzanne Vega
How Can You Like Him - Paul Westerberg*
Chick Habit - April March
Darkest Part of the Basement - Screen Door
I've Got a Fang - TMBG*
Everything is Green - The Essex Green
For a Day Like Today - Lee Hazelwood
Seven Sisters - Mary Lou Lord
Uncle Alvarez - Liz Phair
Kommienezuspadt - Tom Waits*
High Fidelity - Elvis Costello

* = on rotation at WMBC
So the CD I made on my work computer was wonky, and I had to rely more heavily on rotation music than usual:

St. Monday - Billy Bragg
South Dakota - Bellwether
Goodbye West Coast - Matt Sharp*
Alabama Blues - JB Lenore
Talking Union - John McCutcheon and Corey Harris*
Last Train to Nuremberg - Joel Rafael Band*
California Stars - Billy Bragg
Heartache for Everyone - Indigo Girls*
Hackensack - Fountains of Wayne*
Androgynous - Replacements
Brule La Meche - Lo'Jo*
Easy Morning Rebel - My Morning Jacket
Goodnight Moon - Shivaree*
Work Song - Nellie McKay*

* = on rotation at WMBC

Luckily, some of the rotation songs are also songs that I own, so [livejournal.com profile] chompyheather and I knew enough of them that we cobbled together a show pretty well.

Pennsylvania - Say ZuZu
Music Was Saved - Starsailor
Dirty Life and Times - Warren Zevon
The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson - Robert Deeble
One Headlight - Wallflowers
I Could never Take the Place of Your Man - Prince
One I Love - Volebeats
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Born to Hum - Erin McKeown
You Woke up My Neighborhood - Billy Bragg
Red Dirt Girl - Emmylou Harris
Greek Song - Rufus Wainwright
Did I Tell You - Yo La Tengo
Let Your Light Shine - Keb' Mo'


Apr. 13th, 2004 12:20 pm
'tis a gloomy, gloomy day.

Gone for Good - The Shins
I Play Music - Rosie Thomas
Coming and Going on Easy Terms - John Vanderslice*
Doing Nothing - of Montreal*
The Fox - Nickel Creek
I Am Waiting - Olabelle
Known for Years - Rachel Yamagata
Birds Fly Backwards - Ed Harcourt*
School Night - Ani DiFranco*
Sari - Nellie McKay*
OK Apartment - The Oranges Band
Olivia - California Oranges*
Pendulums - Sarah Harmer
Maple Syrup Time - Moxy Fruvous*
The Schooner Lake Set - Gaelic Storm*

Wow - over half of my set list was on rotation at WMBC (denoted by *s).


Apr. 6th, 2004 12:08 pm
I wasn't actually at school, but [livejournal.com profile] chompyheather did a fabulous job with the show all by herself:

The Way We Get By -- Spoon
Rock & Roll -- Pizzicato Five
This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) -- Talking Heads
The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count -- The Divine Comedy
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee) -- Los Lobos
Mahgeetah -- My Morning Jacket
Our Love -- Rhett Miller
Lorelei -- The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl
Travelin' Light -- Robert Earl Keen
Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards -- Billy Bragg
Someday Soon -- Wilco
Sleep of the Just -- Elvis Costello


Mar. 9th, 2004 01:14 pm
All The Right Friends - REM
Vanilla Sky - Paul McCartney
Blind Love - Tom Waits
Two Eggs over Easy - SONiA
Marvelous Things - Eisley*
Caring is Creepy - The Shins
Happy Time - Tim Buckley*
Stinging Velvet - Neko Case
Tell Me Ma - Gaelic Storm*
Mexico - Cake
Maria - Willie Nelson*
Cold Blooded Old Times - Smog
I Tried to Rock You But You Only Roll - Leona Naess
The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane - Timon
Back to My Old Molehill - Flatlanders

* = on rotation at WMBC
11am every Tuesday.
hello from wmbc - 560 am - umbc radio :)

birdhouse in your soul - tmbg
painted desert -10K maniacs
a bullet for everyone - paul weller
welcome to the working week - elvis costello
listen to the radio - nanci griffith
november - azure ray
good is me - stereolab*
redemption song - joe strummer and the mescaleros*
when bullfrogs croak - zak morgan
jupiter rising - emmylou harris
man on the verge - lloyd cole*
my little corner of the world - yo la tengo
new south - kate campbell
the monkey song - mountain goats
handsome musician - ani difranco
vicar in a tutu - the smiths
heartache for everyone - indigo girls



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