i have SO MUCH PAPER. boxes and boxes of paper. zines, scrabble lists, scoresheets, knitting patterns, articles, recipes, ephemera... i wish i could get myself to get rid of it, but i love it so much. how do you keep your paper collections under control?

last night at diesel, around 830pm, i had a giant iced chai and learned that the caffeine in tea affects me more than in coffee.  at least that's how it felt at 1130, when i was wide awake and trying to think of ways to make myself sleepier.  i decided that it would be fun to go back through my 1,600 livejournal entries and start adding tags to the entries that i made before tags existed.  i'm up to 8 january 2003.  most of my entries are random and not warranting of tags, but it has been fun to add tags to some, especially in the scrabble, lists, meme, and musing categories, so that i can look back at them in a grouped order.  this is probably another of those things that i do as i near any given birthday -- look for ways to organize how i've thought in the past, so that i can look back on it more easily in the future.  or maybe my stereotypical virgo characteristics express themselves more when i'm in my birthday month :)


Oct. 8th, 2003 10:54 am
I've been saying that I was going to wax poetic about my sweaters. I finally brought my digital camera to school with me so that I could save all of the pictures more quickly to the web, and share them with you. Pulling out the big tupperwares full of winter clothes, I came upon sweater after sweater, until I had about 25 in front of me. I'm not sure how I ended up with that many - I didn't make a conscious effort to have enough sweaters to last for a month, but there they are. Most are cotton or acrylic, because I'm really, really picky about how itchy things are. I can feel the itchiness of wool even through a turtleneck. I'm trying to learn to wear wools better, especially since I know now, with my knitting addiction, the superiority of wool's properties, but there's something about chenille, or other ultra-soft fibers, that are much more comfortable to me. I do have a growing collection of cashmere... mmmm, cashmere... and a couple of silk/cashmere blends, that I could probably live in. Today, I'm wearing a wool/acrylic zip-up sweater coat over my t-shirt. It looks like three thin-weight yarns (orange, camel beige and olive brown) knitted together in a 4x4 rib. Very fallish. It's probably something I could've knitted myself, but it was also on sale for $15 at Nordstrom, so I couldn't pass it up (nor could I pass up its fraternal twin, in green-beige-dark yellow yarns). Plus, I'm not at all good at finishing in the sleeves, especially in ribbing, so just as well I bought it pre-made.

sweaters, pre-organization, piled on the bed

sweaters (minus the heaviest winter ones) organized in my bright yellow closet.
The three on the shelf are all zip-up (the bottom one is the one I'm wearing today). The top cubby is all cashmere or super-soft merino. Working down the stack, there are my cotton-blend ribbed light colored sweaters, a ribbed tweedy turtleneck, purple chenille, brown cotton that I bought in NYC about 8 years ago, cotton Old Navy from about the same time period, the heathery brown that I knitted myself, my brown and black Express sweaters from last season with bell sleeves and v-necks, and another Old Navy that looks a lot like the above-mentioned, except in grey, and much softer. Ialso have at least 3 cardigan-type sweaters, not pictured here (light green, grey, grey j jill with cool color squares along the edges - that one lives in my office), and I have at least three heavy winter sweaters that take up a lot of space, so they'll stay in storage a bit longer.
weather like this calls for an iced mocha. yum...I don't like the global warming, but I still have to smile at beautiful snow-covered landscapes on Monday, and sixties on Thursday.

as I wrestle with my budget, I keep buying things, but this time it was a lj subscription, and I felt like it was about time that I contributed, so I don't feel guilty about it. I love being able to search with more than one parameter! Now I just have to make sure my friends list doesn't get so huge that I can't keep up.

I haven't played Scrabble all week. Am in withdrawal.

last night was especially inspired - I decided it was about time to clean up the house, plus the recycling finally gets picked up this morning, so I took out the trash, vacuumed, did dishes, moved my piles of crafty stuff to my craft room (must start ripping things out of magazines so I can throw them out - the pile has outgrown its cubbyhole). All the xmas cards are piled into one pile, Tim's mail is vaguely organized, the shoes are lined up where shoes belong, the coats are in the closet instead of draped over the side of the couch. It's still a disaster area, but much less of one. I'll get to work on straightening the craft room out tonight as I watch Thursday night television.

i'm reading 'Dress Codes' which is a story told from the point of view of a daughter whose father is trans... trans-something, but i haven't figured out exactly what, because i've only read the first 40 pages or so. i'm intrigued by the number of books that are hitting the mainstream that have to do with queer issues. Tim just finished reading 'Middlesex' (which he thinks was as good as the critics seem to think it is), and it deals with intersexed issues (although mostly the critics still use the term hermaphrodite - see the Intersexed Society of North America for a description of why intersexed people don't like the term).

My capitalization is hit or miss on this entry, but I don't feel like going back to fix it.

The work week is less painful than I thought it would be coming back from vacation. Today's goal is to get copies of transcripts with fall grades into all my kids' folders. Sadly, my folders are organized in alpha order, and the transcripts always show up in SSN order. We love busy work.



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