Today is my haircut appointment. I'm excited. I don't know whether I'll get my highlights touched up, but at least I will have something resembling a style. Woo.

Also, we're back from the Twin Cities. They're a little further away from Chicago than I had anticipated, but still definitely worth the trek so that I could visit with my friend, Janelle, and her fiance, Scott, whom I had never met. We ate, we chatted, we watched an animated birthday special that Scott created on his computer for Janelle's birthday (documenting the way that they met) and looked through a dating scrapbook that Janelle made for Scott's birthday gift (documenting their first six months of dating). It was all way too cute. We ate Cuban food for dinner on Tuesday, french toast (for me) and breakfast burritos (for Tim) for breakfast, pizza and soup for lunch, and stopped in Madison on the way home at Bluphie's, a cute little restaurant of the variety that is probably frequented by faculty. There, I had a salmon, bacon, lettuce and apple sandwich on tasty grilled bread with fries, and Tim had a flatbread sandwich with feta and veggies and other goodness. We took a chai and a piece of pie for the road. Yum.

Today, we'll head out for a morning beverage and to run errands for mi madre, and then off goes the hair! Or at least a bit of it.
mostly, I just love being home. I love that my passwords are saved on my computer, I love the HUGE pile of mail waiting for me, I love that my dogs actually seemed really excited to see me, I love DirecTV and its channel guide.

All in all, it was a great trip, as I've been updating here and there since it began. My stomach is still feeling mostly fine, I ate a TON of great food while gone.

great restaurants in Mpls: )

I saw a lot of old friends, was friendly to strangers, went to a great session at the conference about a developmental model of learning and unlearning heterosexism (which I think could be very useful on my current campus, where GLBT issues are quieter/less noticeable than other places I've been), didn't drink too much, got some new yarn, and had enough down time to not go too insane. I do wish that I'd had a chance to meet some of the people who were at the conference/in MN from lj, but times were so hectic that it didn't manage to happen. It's hard to mix business and pleasure when you're at a conference, but I'm sure I'll be back in the area since [ profile] janellie lives there. She's one of the few people I'm willing to get on an airplane just to visit for a few days. The flight home from MN wasn't as bad as it could've been, though - I even talked my way on to an earlier flight home, so I got back at 7 instead of 10:30, and got to go to my favorite Baltimore restaurant (Sascha's 527). Maybe I'm getting better at flying.

Since I worked the weekend, I'm taking today and tomorrow off. I'm going to work through my stack o'mail, unpack, hang out with my friend Jen who's visiting from Grinnell, and otherwise decompress. Good to be back, and can't wait to catch up on everyone's journals.
am at my friend [ profile] janellie's house and taking advantage of the cable modem connection. I connected with a few people I know from past jobs and grad school, and was much less anxious and awkward about it than I thought I would be -- I even hung out with some people I don't know too well and had a good time with them... and am going out to a bar this evening. I haven't had alcohol in a month and I think it's time to take a test drink and see what happens.

Had lunch at a local Mexican place, and pizza for dinner somewhere that gave us free dessert! They're closed tomorrow and the desserts won't keep, so they were giving them away! I had a lovely vanilla pannacotta with strawberry topping... mmm... considering I walked a few miles today, I'm feeling pretty good about burning the extra calories.

I looked through the conference program book and found a bunch of things I think will be interesting -- some on going to Ph D school, one about bisexual identity formation (I wrote up a model during grad school for a theory class and will be interested to see how their compares), a couple of others. I'm also going to be singing in the AIDS memorial choir, which will make me feel less guilty about missing the choir concert (which is starting as I type).

Tomorrow I'm going to a yarn store and a sex store. Good times for all.



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