Dec. 28th, 2012 01:30 pm
I'm rereading parts of my lj, which I am wont to do around this time of year. This list is kinda fun. My TV addictions, then and now:

2012: I have reached a point where most of what I do is watch things I've already seen. I don't have the patience to pay attention to new things. There are a couple of notable exceptions. Here's what I spent most of my time watching this year:
1. The West Wing (watched a couple seasons during election time)
2. Firefly (watched it again this year)
3. Breaking Bad (started with season one, and was through season four by the end of a week)
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Top Chef
6. Glee
7. Burn Notice
8. So You Think You Can Dance
9. Chopped
10a. Bones (though I haven't watched much of the current season)
10b. Smash

Honorable Mentions: Mad Men and Dexter. Though I don't think I've watched any this year, I still look forward to catching up soon. Also Sherlock - love it, but there just isn't enough of it to make it into the top 10.
Plan to also check out: Community, Parks and Rec, Downton Abbey, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, Treme
Tried to watch, but not sure I need to continue: Walking Dead

Now, I would say that I don't have 10 addictions. I do remember some of the ones I listed up there as being addictions when they were on. Maybe that's what I meant. Here are my ten recent shows that I tried/try not to miss, or watched via DVD marathon, or turn to on DVD/Tivo when I can't find anything else to watch:

1. The West Wing (minus season five, most of which irritates me)
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (minus most of season five; what is it with season 5 of 7?)
3. Project Runway
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Firefly
6. Sports Night
7. Scrubs
8. When ow I Met Your Mother
9. Saved (don't think it'd be here without Tivo)
10. So You Think You Can Dance (but I just watch the dancing and fast forward the rest, I swear)

~2002, I listed:
1. Sex and the City
2. Ally McBeal (first 2 seasons)
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Homefront
5. Queer as Folk
6. Class of '99
7. thirtysomething
8. Quantum Leap
9. Friends
10. The West Wing
learn to make tamales
maintain exercise plan
get all recipes into paprika app
learn more words
get garden cleaned up
dye yarn
knit at least two pairs of socks
eat more fish
[ profile] wordweaverlynn asked, based on her friend's album project:

10000 maniacs - unplugged
alison krauss - new favorite
ani difranco - little plastic castle
billy bragg & wilco - mermaid avenue
cowboy junkies - studio
essex green - cannibal sea
emmylou harris - red dirt girl
emmylou harris & mark knopfler - all the roadrunning
garden state (soundtrack)
grateful dead - american beauty
hem - rabbit songs
indigo girls - 1200 curfews
indigo girls - all that we let in
james taylor - greatest hits
john denver - wildlife concert
joni mitchell - hits
kings of convenience - quiet is the new loud
melissa etheridge - yes i am
norah jones - feels like home
peter paul and mary title album
ryan adams - gold
simon & garfunkel - concert in central park
sarah mclachlan - fumbling towards ecstasy
they might be giants - flood
tori amos - under the pink

and a bonus: top 10 musicalsRead more... )
Saving this for posterity - my current Want List from - CDs I'd pay a buck for (the date is when I added it to my want list). Lala has been good to me - 133 CDs have either left or been added to my collection in the past couple of years:

(Title of Show) by Original Cast Recording 11/06/08
1000 Kisses by Patty Griffin 5/18/07
13 by Original Cast Recording 11/06/08
16 Biggest Hits by Johnny Cash 1/11/09Read more... )
added a couple cds to my hard drive
sent 2 cds to the world via
coveted the oneida flatware used at North Pond Cafe
found out there's an oneida outlet in Kittery
baked oat and buttermilk cake
made a beef stew
did 30 minutes of cardio at the gym
bought our 2009 calendar (new england wilderness)
put away a whole lot of laundry, pulled some stuff to give/throw away
tried out my new grill pan making hot dogs for lunch
tried unsuccessfully to log on to my work email (hopefully i wrote the password somewhere)
played with iGoogle
put a couple pictures on flickr
lost at Scrabble, won at Scrabble and drank tea at Barnes and Noble
argh. for now, a list. maybe more detail later.

+ paula and marcel! yay friends visiting.
+ Bazaar Bizarre - meeting people, making money, getting inspired to knit more.
- forgetting to eat during the craft fair and being very dizzy.
+ Oleana! including bacon brittle on my salad that made my meal.
- getting home at midnight and being exhausted.
+ taking monday off and staying in my pajamas until going to the gym.
+ getting some gifts wrapped, cards written, House watched.
+ four days at the gym in Dec so far - we should make it to the required 8 before going to Chicago.
- grandmother fell yesterday and broke thigh bone. extra stress for family around holidays. Ugh.
- back at work today - it's freezing in my office, and I have to walk across campus in the snow soon to meet with a prof about a hopeless student.
+ snow is pretty.
- I must've slept with my jaw clenched, because I can barely open my mouth right now.
+ almost done with new Clapotis. Should have enough yarn to finish.
+ found a bunch of new patterns I want to do on Ravelry this morning while multitasking.
- not enough time to knit xmas gifts.
- new Wordscraper on Facebook is v. bad.
+/- my Brandeis email acct has finally be shut off.
+/- I'm here til 9 tonight, but I get to see my students in a band concert.
Suggestions for more?

I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls
Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
Don't Cha - PCD
Who Stole my Radio - Shemekia Copeland
The Way - Fastball Read more... )
cafe worker
summer camp counselor-in-training at a horse camp
summer camp counselor at an arts camp
smoothie maker
residence hall programming coordinator
resident assistant
residence hall director
college radio dj
college basketball shot clock operator
academic advisor
director of a glbt student center
premed advisor
online yarn business co-proprietor
student support services program coordinator
scrabble class teacher

i'm sure that there are more that i'm forgetting
[ profile] purlewe asked about evolving food tastes. I grew up in a midwestern, meat and potatoes with an asian spin family. My dad doesn't really eat vegetables. I was never pushed to eat things I didn't like. Also, dad barely cooked, and mom worked til 9ish every night, so we ate a lot of takeout. A week of meals through high school would generally consist of about five nights a week takeout (teriyaki, pizza, chinese, ribs, burgers, tacos), one night of my mom cooking, and one night of my grandfather's sunday dinners, which usually centered around meats and rice, but did include beans or broccoli or some similar thing. musing )
Someone in the scrabble community posted about the ways that he finds instant kinship with others who he meets, and asked what things made others feel a similar connection. I love this idea of finding like-minded people, and being able to connect based on some interest or value or characteristic, so I started thinking about what would be on my list... for starters, I feel connected to people who...

-- tend more toward jeans and sweatshirts than high fashion
-- have really big feet
-- dislike driving
-- have green tendencies
-- do not speak in absolutes
-- ask open-ended questions
-- hand write letters and postcards
plus these, from my other journal )

What are some of yours?
[Error: unknown template qotd] Saw this on the homepage and had to answer:

1. Tetris (Nintendo).  Couldn't get enough, back in the day.  I got to level 19 regularly, rocket ships, etc. on the nintendo version.
2. We love Katamari (PS2).  I play til I get nauseous, then I eat ginger candies and play some more.
3. Zoo Tycoon (PC).  i love creating exhibits, although I'm still irritated that you can't put monkeys in the bathrooms.
4. Super Mario Kart (N64 version).  I was always Yoshi or Toad.  I wasn't particularly good, but I played a lot.
5. hmm... most of the rest, I spent more time watching than playing.  When there used to be an arcade (called the Fun Zone) in the basement of the Century Mall, near where my family business is, I used to play Galaxian a lot.  My brother and I would get five bucks, we'd change it into quarters in the machine, and split it.  I always ran out fast, since he'd play Super Mario til he finished it on one quarter, and I'd just keep blowing myself up on Galaxian, or getting squashed by cars on Frogger.  I was also particularly awful at Q-bert -- I really don't have much spatial sense, so I fell off constantly.
Username: nycareers
Password: landmark

Do the career matchmaker, then post the results on LJ.

1. Desktop Publisher
2. Database Developer
3. Librarian
4. Illustrator
5. Operations Research Analyst
6. Website Designer
7. Video Game Developer
8. Computer Animator
9. Business Systems Analyst
10. Health Records Professional Read more... )
This was nearly impossible for me.  For one, I have no memory for what I've watched.  I had to go in to random websites with "top 100 tv shows" lists and look through names of tv shows to have any idea what to pick.

West Wing - ... I can't pick one right now by reading episode guides.  I'll have to look into it in more detail.
Firefly - Trash.  or maybe Objects in Space.  The whole series, really.  It's one giant episode.
Buffy - A New Man.  Actually, most of my top ten are probably Buffy episodes.  I love a lot of the serious ones, but I laugh every time I think of the one where Giles gets turned into a demon.
Scrubs - My Musical.  I love Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
Ally McBeal - either the pilot or one of the Robert Downey Jr. episodes.
How I Met Your Mother - Drum Roll, Please.  I liked Victoria much more than I like Robin.  Something Borrowed was also a really great episode.
Friends - I have no idea which one it was, but the one where Monica wore a turkey on her head and danced around. Really, just that moment.
American Dad -Dungeons and Wagons. there's a moment where the ex-boyfriend of one of the characters is learning to play video games, and he's walking into walls, and I laugh every time I think of it.

I like Entourage a lot, but no single ep stands out for me.  Same with Queer as Folk, but I haven't watched since season two.  From back in the day, I liked Felicity, X-Files (except when it was too scary and I couldn't watch it), and Party of Five; back to high school, thirtysomething and Class of '96, but again, no single ep. My favorite reality shows don't really have episode favorites...
today, i had set my alarm, so i'm showered, wearing matching socks, etc.  i did manage to leave the house without my glasses, so i had to backtrack and grab them.  i was also too lazy to pack a lunch, so i'll walk home and eat.  in part, this is a good strategy to get a little extra exercise in, and also to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having these days.

Today's top ten list courtesy of [ profile] hubertwee is to name the ten places I'd most like to visit.  I've been thinking about this for awhile, and decided that it'd be most interesting to include fictional places, which I'd rather visit than most real places.  Most of my travel is focused around food or a sense of magic, which I associate with my visits to Ireland, Macchu Picchu, the Japanese gardens in Portland (Ore)... I think it has to do with lushness, not being too populated with tourists, and vagaries of the day like my mood and the weather.

So, five real:
1. Morocco.  I'm in love with the cuisine, but otherwise I'm not sure what draws me to it.  Most places that I want to visit are green, and Morocco is mostly desert.  I think I daydream about the markets.  I loved the street markets in Peru, so maybe I correlate the two.
2. Iceland.  It just sits there in the middle of nowhere.  There's only one native land mammal (the arctic fox, according to wikipedia), and very few insects.  Its language maintains the use of a runic letter.  I don't know. It's just mysterious and cool. We might go there next summer.
3. Nova Scotia.  The pictures I've seen are really pretty.  Again the surrounded by water places intrigue me.
4. Wales and Scotland.  There's a lot of mysticism that I associate with these two. I also have childhood fantasies of riding poines across the moors. And I like the accents.
5. Japan.  I wouldn't mind seeing the homeland one day :)

Less real:
6. Lyra's Oxford, from the Philip Pullman books.
7. Diagon Alley.  Of all of the HP sites, I think this would be my favorite. I would buy a wand and go to the bookstore and drink butterbeer.
8. Avalon, from the Mists of Avalon books.  Again with the magic and the pretty.  Narnia would also fit in this category, but I don't remember the books well enough to know whether I'd really want to go there.
9. Chicago, in 1893.  I'd love to see what my hometown looked like back in the day, and the World's Fair seems like a good thing to take in while there.
10. It's a toss up between Oz (book version, not movie version) and Faerie, from Stardust.  Probably the former -- the latter will fade as my memory of the movie does.  Or maybe it's Paris at the time of Moulin Rouge (the movie). So many choices...  
many of you have given me top tens, and i'll work through them over the course of the week.  [ profile] sharkycharming asked me to go through the online catalog and pick my favorite 10 things. this one was the most delightful, so i did it first. This task made me feel very girly.

1. Japonica v-neck sweater -- the flowers embroidered across is look graceful and pretty.
2. Flux Tunic - really rich looking brown, and I like the flowiness of it.
3. Crape Myrtle Tee - I think it might make me dizzy, but it's whimsical and looks comfy.
4. Santa Ana Dress - the shape!  the colors!  the drape!
5. Joe's Lounge Trousers - They look like jeans crossed with scrubs.  If they have stretch built in, I might have to have a pair.
6. Tapestry Float Coat - I love the colors, and the shape.  I'm glad that this dark brown is stylish this year.
7-8. Wild Fields Wide Leg Sleep Pants - alas, these are too short for me. Perhaps [ profile] u4ic can sew me up a similar pair.  The matching robe is also pleasing.
9. Thattaway cadet hat - my head is probably too big for it, but I like the look of this hat.
10. Backtrack sweater - fun pockets in front, cool buttons up the back.

Okay. I should do some work now.
I used to put together top ten lists, just to keep myself entertained.  I could use a similar entertainment right about now. 

I'm inviting everyone to suggest something I can list my "top ten of..." (eg, top ten places to eat in Chicago, top ten musical artists, top ten words that start with the letter 'e') by leaving a comment.  I'll post my responses, maybe in a post, maybe in the comments, depending on what mood strikes me. 

If you'd like, you can also comment and ask me to give you a top ten topic, and I'd be happy to do so.
went 3-0 against (not my) Tim at Scrabble at Panera (even though I chickened out on GR(E)ENWAY)
lost to my Tim by two when he triple-tripled with QUIE(T)EST for ridiculous points
made my arms sore playing tennis and catch
folded laundry
read a magazine
bought [ profile] maratcal's birthday giftie
knitted 1.25 armwarmers
shopped for pants for the boy
bought another sweatshirt for myself (it's an addiction)
opted not to wash the grey sweatshirt (it's so soft! how can i wash it?)
added herbs de provence to my hamburger to good effect
forgot to eat breakfast once
remembered the other time
did a little work email
worked on a mix CD
spent too much time on the internet scrabble club
read back in my livejournal
had so much caffeine on Sunday that it almost made me cry
watched a bit of Tivo, and half of Lost in Translation
didn't quite make it to see Stardust or Simpsons the Movie
wrote up my tournament report (which took way too long)
write at least 4 premed letters
win at least 11 games of Scrabble
play with the Wii
play with the family
play with Scrabble friends
start clearing out the back bedroom in grandma's house
buy some shirts
drink some caribou
walk a lot to offset caloric intake
enjoy spring weather
go to art institute
stare at pretty boys (and girls) at intelligentsia
take sister to movie (pirates maybe?)
keep up with work email
read under trees
write in moleskine or similar journal
catch up on millions of magazines that will likely be in parents' house

before i leave:
finish updating iPod
copy premed files to bring with
decide which bags to take home
refill prescriptions


May. 9th, 2007 03:07 pm
Three things I did this weekend:
1. Bought a onigiri mold
2. Organized my Grey's Anatomy mp3s
3. Watched lots of Entourage

Three websites I'm recently enjoying:
1. [ profile] bentolunch - bento boxes are cute.
2. peertrainer - where I obsessively list all foods that I eat.
3. - people send you stuff in the mail! yay mail!

Three things about work today:
1. it's starting to feel like summer office - finals are ending, kids are leaving
2. a co-worker's sweater, because the a/c is blasting at a ridiculous level
3. i installed a scanner for my admin person - more delegating!  less work for me!

Three books I'm reading:
1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Barbara Kingsolver
2. HP Chamber of Secrets
3. Med School Confidential

Three bingos recently played:
Five things I did for the first time
1. played in the top division at a Scrabble tourney
2. felt reasonably budgeted for time and money
3. got caught up in the World Cup
4. ate lots of new vegetables (beets, kohlrabi, greens, etc)
5. brought a group of premeds through the application process by myself

Five things I did that I never want to do again
1. flew in a smallish airplane without my noiseproof headphones
2. missed a flight
3. experienced a supervisor getting phased out of a job
4. had a yard sale in the rain
5. continued to develop penchant for fainting

Five things I didn't do that I wanted to do
1. exercise regularly
2. be more active in fiber world
3. find a good hair stylist
4. play in a major Scrabble tourney
5. visit grandfather in Vegas

Five things I acquired
1. Tivo
2. Palm Pilot
3. a separate livejournal for Scrabble
4. Grey's Anatomy addiction
5. Kirby vacuum cleaner

Five things I wanted to do in 2006 that I still want to do in 2007
1. be more equitable with doing chores
2. eat more balanced meals
3. walk on the ellipse machine regularly
4. put more money into savings account
5. go on dates (more) regularly

Five (new) things I want to do in 2007
1. settle into new office dynamic
2. help Tim finish the dissertation
3. go to the Caribbean (February! yay!)
4. update resume
5. learn four and five letter words, with definitions. And top 3000 eights. And and and...



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