The past two days have been full of house things. I'm starting to sound like a broken record. We took a pilgrimage to Ikea, and didn't manage to lose each other at all, which is amazing. We bought a twin bed frame, reading chair and stool/table to go with it, large mirror for over the fireplace, and some odds and ends. Craigslist supplied us with a couple of mattresses. Upstairs, we created a curtained doorway for the walk-in closet (it used to just be an empty doorway, which I prefer), stained various wood things, changed out the toilet seat that I had stained with hair dye, built the twin bed for the upstairs bedroom, and shampooed the carpets. Downstairs, we converted den into bedroom (by moving the futon down to the den and making it bedlike), converted the basement into the tv room, stained some wood that needed updating, rehung foyer closet doors, painted the stairway walls on the way to the basement, and hung a mirror over the fireplace. I'm ready for someone to tell me that I can be done, but the only way that'll happen is if we get an offer on the house.

fixing up

Apr. 5th, 2008 08:47 am
In the past few weeks, we've done a number of things that have made me much happier with my house. Why didn't we do them sooner?

First, there was painting the kitchen and putting in the spice cabinet. The spice cabinet is the best invention ever. Organized, pretty.

Second, we just took the queen sized bed out of our TV room. So much more space. We're anticipating the probable stripping of carpet, which will require taking all the furniture out of the downstairs, and starting to clear space now. We could bring the futon down after the floors are done, and it'll still feel roomy and more comfortable.

And, I've cleared out the bar area in the basement, and set up my yarn dyeing operation. The bar is higher than the card table I'd been working on, so it's easier on my back as I work on my dyeing. Fabulous.

Next project, other than the floor, might be building a deck in the back, but not unless we keep living here for awhile longer.

Kitchen before

Kitchen after - white drawers and cabinets, new drawer pulls (have to put doors back on still)


Jul. 29th, 2007 02:31 pm
I haven't mentioned my garden yet this summer, mostly because I had very little to do with its creation -- Tim's been taking good care of it, though. Today, I harvested our third broccoli:

There are lots of tomatoes getting plump, and I also picked two cucumbers. The cukes always try to take over.

coat rack

Nov. 11th, 2006 01:13 pm
This was the project for the day. It's made from a post, four shelf holders, and four coat hooks from Home Depot, plus some screws and finishing nails.  Once I decide what color it should be, I'll get around to painting or staining it. I've been wanting a coat tree for awhile now, because otherwise coats end up on every surface of the downstairs.  This was much cheaper than buying one already made, plus I like this one, and haven't liked many of the inexpensive ones I've seen for sale.

It's gorgeous out.  I hope to get out and bike, but right now, we're trying to figure out why the dishwasher doesn't drain.  Fun times.
(I have trouble spelling and typing the word frontier - weird).

The study/computer room/extra randomly shaped room is pretty much my space. Tim doesn't use it, since his computer sits on the dining room table. I barely use it, but I do use it, and when I do, I strew stuff all over it. On the desk right now are the usual computer things (speakers, router, modem), but also papers from old Scrabble games, the packaging from my zire, old tapes that I haven't listened to, more papers, jewelry, pens that have escaped the pen holder, and all kinds of other random. This is also illustrative of the floor around the computer. So, since I have a day off for Yom Kippur today, my plan is to make this room look presentable. This is the only room we haven't at least made an effort to clean lately, so hopefully it'll be inspiring to have the whole house vaguely clean all at once.

After I organize this room, it's off to change the closets from summer clothes to fall/winter! Yay!

Unfortunately, there are about 6 livejournal/knitjournal posts that I want to post, and I'm sure they, and other things (like eating) will make it take all day to get my house tasks done, but I guess that's what days off are for.
The house comes along, which is good, because the movers will deliver our big pieces on Friday! This Friday! Aaah! This means I must empty said big pieces of stuff. Crazymadness.

All of the wallpaper glue in the living room and hallway is officially gone, and the walls are primed, for the most part. We've gone through two gallons of primer and aren't even done with the downstairs yet. The kitchen is blue, and I like it during the night when there is little light, and don't like it during the day. The accent wall in the living room is red, and I like it at night, and haven't seen it in the day yet.

The fridge is here, in its water filtration-full glory, and it is huge.

We have an electrician, a contractor to do the bedroom, and movers. We're working on HVAC, water heater, fencing. Oy!
-strip and paint downstairs bathroom
-strip and paint upstairs bathroom
-prime and paint wood-panelling room
-prime and paint kitchen
-put in stupid contact paper in all kitchen drawers
-refinish shelves in closets
We're about to buy a fridge. There are two of us, but we seem to accumulate a lot of food. I'm looking at a 26.0 cu ft Frigidaire -- if anyone has any insights on choosing a good fridge, or you particularly love or hate yours, let me know.

In other news, I'm still fending off illness -- I alternate between citrus vitamin C drops and coffee (both at once -- not so tasty). I had many plans to leave the house last night, but decided to save the rest of the world from infection and stay home. I did drive in the dark for the first time. Very exciting. All the way from the old house to the new house, for a total of three blocks. I didn't run over any christmas lawn ornaments, although I was tempted. Tim took out a side cabinet in the kitchen to make room for the fridge. Tomorrow we'll work on my very favorite tasks -- stripping wallpaper and priming.

More house talk at [ profile] 66hamilton, in case you're interested...
UHAUL is in Somerville.
17' truck, 2-3 bedrooms
Capacity: 849 cu. ft.
$29.95 plus $1.79/mile for one day

Budget is in Waltham.
16' truck, 800 cubic sq. feet
$31.95 plus .99/mile for one day

but, Budget is eee-vil.
many, many signatures of my masochistically long name later, we are homeowners again! woo! our new house is cold and it smells like old people, but we will soon fix that so that it's warm and smells like dogs.
We seem to have secured insurance, or at least filled out all of the paperwork and provided a nice, hefty check, to the insurance people. We had to sign a dog waiver of sorts, with yes/no questions about the dogs, and other things that had obvious better/worse answers (like "Has your dog ever bitten someone?") -- so, now I guess we start trying to hunt up some contractors to fix stuff.
yeah, I don't even know where to start, but I should start, because we're closing in 11 days.

this weekend, I'll do some dyeing. around the dyeing, I will do some packing. I don't think there will be much purging on this move, since we haven't really accumulated anything new, or had a chance to gauge whether or not some things aren't being used anymore, since we only got here 3 months ago. There are, however, things I can pack without thinking I'll need them much for the next 11 days. These include:

-all of my CDs. I live on my iPod right now anyway. I haven't cracked open many CDs since moving here. Most of the DVDs as well.
-the games in the closet. No time to play anyway.
-Serving dishes. No time or plans to entertain much. Kim and I don't need fancy bowls and platters to eat our Thanksgiving dinner.
-Bags. I have a closet of bags. They don't need to be out right now.
-Books. Only one bookshelf worth was unpacked, but they can go back in their homes.

So that's the goal for this weekend. Then, Kim shows up, and we'll assess what else can be put away.

Still no idea when we'll actually start living in the other house, but I'm threatening to eat all meals there, since there's a dishwasher.


Nov. 14th, 2005 07:52 am
11/18 -- dyeing.
11/22-27 -- kim visits. pack like mad banshee.
11/28 -- closing. begin moving stuff into basement (ie away from contractor madness).

--high priority: roof done, bedrooms done, closet shell put in, wallpaper down
--high-ish priority: agreement from lawyers re: neighbor liability on lot
--sometime: create budget for FY 2006
--maybe: fenced yard
--low priority: paint colors chosen

12/9-11 -- paula visits. craft fair.
12/15-19 -- mar visits. rent truck
12/24 -- chicago

the cl ad

Nov. 3rd, 2005 11:53 am
$2000 / 3br - house, superclose to Brandeis, quiet area
Reply to:

Date: 2005-11-01, 9:52PM EST

We're moving out, and we need someone to take over the rent!
*Lovely rambler with one big and two regular-sized bedrooms, one bathroom, huge living/dining room, breakfast nook, fireplace, hardwood floors, three-season porch, garage and extra parking.

*Cedarwood neighborhood in Waltham on .25 acres on a quiet cul-de-sac.

*Cable ready, washer/dryer, lots of basement storage, kitchen appliances included.

*Pets welcomed!

*Available mid-late December/January 1.

4 blocks to Brandeis University
4 blocks to I-95/128
3 blocks to bus to Harvard/Central Square
1 mile or so to commuter rail (Fitchburg Line)

Cunningham Cir. at Cedarwood Ave.
stuff for house:

-switch rcn
-change address with bank, credit card
-new checks
-find renter

stuff to hire people to fix:
-take out wall
-add closet
-remove wallpaper
-gut basement?

-secure truck once we know when most of work is done (hopefully by the time Mar comes, so we can make her help)

turn on in new house:
-phone/cable (get them to connect up laptop)

fix subscription addresses:
-real simple
-interweave knits
-everyday food
First and foremost, check out all the work Paula has done at! The yarn pages are getting updated with all new pictures, and they're much easier to see now. The sock page, for instance. Mmm. We're doing some more dyeing this weekend, so if anyone has color requests, speak now!

In other news, our house is now officially on the market, and Tim will hopefully be signing a lease in the Boston area over the weekend. We still have no official move date, but I will be starting a new job on August 22, so it'll be before then. There will now be a Woolarina North post, and I hope to continue dyeing (and will definitely be spinning and knitting) up there :) I think the wheel will be the last thing that I pack up. The boy is a little concerned at potential buyers coming by during a dye day this weekend, but they will just have to deal. I think that the yarns hanging on the porch make the house look that much more festive.
I just spent an hour mowing, and I still didn't quite finish the back yard in a way that it looks presentable. With all of the rain, plus the guests and the bathroom, we probably haven't mowed in a month, and it was getting ridiculous. With the amount of rain that's coming, I felt compelled to at least give it a once over with the mower. My Black and Decker Lawn Hog is electric, so it feels more like vacuuming to me than mowing, always having to negotiate around the 100' extension cord. The dogs seemed overly excited when I was out mowing, running mad circles around the yard around me -- I think that the grass was getting so long that they couldn't really romp the way that they like to. Since we've also populated the basement, which is their other romping area, with boxes and tools and floor tile, I'm sure they're feeling a little constricted. Next step in hurricane preparedness: bake cookies.
Margaret's coming a week earlier, which is when Dad Connelly will be here, so it'll make for a house bursting at the seams for a 36 hour period, which should be fun -- 4 people, 3 dogs, in our house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and bathroom construction happening downstairs. Will have to make the futon habitable so Margie has a place to sleep with the dog, since I don't think Sadie would do too well on the lofted bed, 5 feet in the air.

We have officially taken the washer and dryer out of the laundry room, which means no more washing clothes for me for at least a week. I know I have enough clothes to last a month, but I don't like the idea of not having the option to do laundry at home. We've also finished pulling up all the tile from the room, and I bought a book about bathrooms. I don't care too much about the carpentry and such - I'm just excited to get to design it. I think I'll do off-white tile for halfway up the walls, but make borders a tile up from the bottom and towards the top in different colors/textures, and then paint the tops in various complementary colors. Or maybe just one color. I only have about 2 walls to work with, so it may be fun to paint 'em different colors. We're also blocking view of the water heater and other stuff that takes up part of the space with louvered doors, so I'm hoping to get to paint them, too. The space is small, though, so I may have to stick with one color. Maybe off-white with various shades of green, or purple... will have to start making up some sketches :) anyone know of good websites to research interior designy things for bathrooms?

I've closed the door to my office. I always feel a little guilty when I do (and cut off, especially without a window). I'm trying to decide whether or not to take a long-ish vacation in August. I have to work Saturday, Aug 23. If I took vacation days for Aug 18-20, I could call Friday and Saturday duty days, work from home on Friday, and basically have off from August 15-22 on three vacation days, but would still have to actually do some work at home, writing and such. That sounds so nice... but things are so hectic the following week, I'm not sure if I can even afford that time off right now. I guess if I thought ahead and got things set up, I could manage it. And then I'd be home to help out with the bathroom construction, and have time to hang with Becca, assuming she'd had the baby by then (which I think she will have). But then it'll barely feel like a vacation, 'cause I'll be working on bathroom and babysitting the whole time.

Where is my summer going?
I harvested my first crop from my garden yesterday -- nine pretty, plump green beans! I washed them, trimmed them, and sauteed them in a little butter with some walnuts and they were wonderful! My little garden is doing pretty well, for its first year. The constant deluge that has persisted since May probably has something to do with it. Here's a couple pictures:

My little garden

In the garden are basil, peppers, chamomile, arugula, broccoli, green beans, 4 regular tomato plants, 1 roma tomato plant, and squash. The border of marigolds is supposed to help keep bugs away. There are also little pinwheels to scare off the groundhog that lives next door under the shed. I've had to stake all of the tomatoes 'cause they're getting ridiculously tall:

Me with the tomatoes

I'm 5'11, so you can kinda see how big the tomato plants are, and that's when I was trying to prop them back to full height after they had fallen in the rain.
spent today finishing off the weeding, removing rocks, and turning dirt in the garden area today (which is a space about 20' x 6' or so) - I didn't realize how tired I would be after 2 1/2 hours of digging and pulling, but I'm drained. Spent most of the afternoon/evening lounging on Tim's aunt's couch, with breaks for good dinner and pie for dessert. Am now off to bed so that I can be bright and perky for my 15 student appointments tomorrow... or something.



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