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Sep. 9th, 2011 01:20 pm
school started last week, but i started seeing my new freshmen this week. and i went to chicago for four days, which meant i had to be running-around-like-a-crazy-person just before and just after to be ready for them. and now i'm exhausted.

i made this for dinner last night:
make mirepoix-ish thing
pour three cups of water over it
mix in turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, ginger powder, 2 cloves minced garlic, salt
bring water to boil, pour in 2 cups of israeli couscous, pour in a large helping of raisins and currants, turn off heat, cover, and let sit until the couscous is tender (i went and sat on the couch and watched baseball, and then remembered it was on the stove. i guess that was about 15-20 minutes).
stir in some chopped up cucumbers and carrots, frozen peas, chickpeas... or whatever things you have running around. peppers would probably be good (if you like them), and chopped up snow peas, or edamame... you get the idea. you could even add some chicken.
add zest of one lemon, juice the lemon, mix the lemon juice with some olive oil til it looks vinaigrette-ish, pour that over too.
taste for seasoning, eat.

i also had some pizza.

i'm doing a ropes course with my students this weekend. i hate giving up part of my weekend and i'm all bitter. until i get there, and then i have so much fun and i love my job again.

i did this tuesday: walk 5 minutes, jog 3, walk 2, jog 3.5, walk 2, jog 4, walk 2, jog 4.5, walk 2, jog 2, walk 5. felt pretty good.

i did this yesterday: walk 5 minutes, jog 3, walk 2, jog 5, walk 2, jog 3, walk 2, jog 3.5 ish, walk 5. i almost died in the lungs. too hard at the end of the work week.

i ate a ridiculous amount in chicago. that will get its own, backdated post, hopefully tonight when i have time to think about it. i also broke my record points on foursquare. and got a lot of clothes for my birthday. i will have to keep up the exercise if i want them to keep fitting, especially if i continue to have eating weekends like i did in chicago, and there are at least two of those coming up (minneapolis at the end of this month, and vermont in november).


Jul. 13th, 2011 06:57 pm
went for a 8.5ish mile bike ride while tim ran today. if i had tried to do this a year ago (well, my doc woudl've killed me since i was still in surgery recovery) - even four months ago - i probably would've found it very strenuous. today, it was just a nice bike ride. it makes the 5th day this month of exercise, not including the canoe paddling that i can barely call exercise. not too bad (for me) considering it's only the 13th. we biked a road that parallels the water ... i guess it's a bay at that point, which is attached to the ocean. i do love the smell of the water and the feel of the breeze that we get on the coast.
lately i've been pretending that i can jog. for about 90 seconds at a time. i can only do it with "good" songs. my list is pretty terrible, though, compared to what i listen to at most times in my life. i pulled the bpm numbers off of, which has given me some new song ideas...

jogging, ish (5.5-5.7 mph on the treadmill):
my life would suck without you - glee (145)
don't rain on my parade - glee (2x93 - it doesn't feel that fast when i'm jogging)
mushaboom, postal service remix - feist
right in front of your eyes - wedding singer soundtrack
voulez vous danser - ace of base
some people - linda eder
jai ho - slumdog millionaire (137)
friday i'm in love - cure (130)
mercy - duffy (130)
get the party started - pink (129)
when i grow up - pussycat dolls (131)
boom boom pow - black eyed peas (130)

in between the jogging, i do the walking (4.0-4.2 mph on the treadmill):
i'm too sexy - right said fred
take it off - kesha (125)
telephone - lady gaga (126)
love game - lady gaga (105)
i gotta feeling - black eyed peas (128)
the time - black eyed peas (128)
rolling in the deep remix - adele (105)
just dance - lady gaga (119)
mambo mambo - lou bega
summer of love - b52s

then i come back to the normal world with a slightly less tragic song:
hello seattle - owl city

at some point, perhaps i'll try to push the jogging above this speed, but for now, it's working for me. more or less. i'm still bitter about the idea of jogging, but i'm more bitter about the thought of having to buy larger sized clothing, so there you go.
made it to the gym two days in a row, shedding what the machines believe to be about 650 calories - that should be enough to make up for the [bacon/caramelized onion/apple] stuffing i will consume on thursday - i'll have to go a couple more times to account for gravy and dessert. also, i bought a pair of pants in a smaller size than usual today. maybe this exercise + eat in not-ridiculous ways thing is working.

almost all the yarn in my house is dyed. i did four different stock yarns today and am hoping they look different enough that i'll be able to differentiate them now that they're dyed. not sure whether that was a good strategy yet.

my muscles ache from the working out and the standing over dye pots. it was a good ache at first, but now it has devolved into a very painful one. i guess that means it's time to turn on House and sit like a lump for a few hours.
Suggestions for more?

I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls
Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
Don't Cha - PCD
Who Stole my Radio - Shemekia Copeland
The Way - Fastball Read more... )


Oct. 14th, 2008 11:01 am
Went outside with the dogs yesterday while the tide was out. Went to play by the mostly-dry stream and slid and scraped up my arm. Put me in nature, and I'm a little kid again.

We installed the spice rack in our pantry, which freed up a bunch of shelf space. Things are feeling a little more organized every day. Dinner was potato-carrot latkes, homemade applesauce, and wilted kale with bacon and raisins.

Went to the gym. Have gone 4 times so far this month. Four more to go before November. Am doing about 30 minutes of cardio. Walked to the bus today - much less out of breath than last time. Good progress. My walk route: - about 1.2 miles.

Bought an apple keyboard. It's too confusing for me to try to use the Dell keyboard with my mac.

Still don't have my voice back.
I would organize my pictures folder on my hard drive. it's out of control. same goes for my iTunes. you don't notice clutter and disorganization as much on a computer, but it's still there...

I'm officially sick, which isn't surprising given the lack of sleep, 4.5 hour bus (aka germ capsule) ride, and number of sick students and co-workers I'm surrounded by. Pad thai + Halls Defense + oscillococcinum + orange juice + 10 hours of sleep seem to have helped. I can feel the germs trying to mount their attack in the back of my throat. Yuck.

I did manage to work out yesterday, for which I'm proud of myself. I used an Arc Trainer for the first time, and it was kinda fun. I could feel muscles working that don't work the same way using an elliptical. I'm currently letting beaTunes check the bpm on my mp3 collection so that I can put a good exercise playlist together. It's fantastic. I think 120-135 bpm is about the right range for the speed that I travel. I'm also watching leaves blow around in my backyard. Pretty.

Also, I am experiencing job apathy. This is bad, after six weeks. I'm trying to wait it out. It's probably exacerbated by Scrabble hangover. I have decided that my perfect job would be to create handouts for students and analyze data in order to tell other people how to better serve their students. Maybe it's instructional design. Maybe it's program eval. I'm not sure, but I wish it existed. I might try to create it at my current institution.
Or night one, as it were. Left for Columbia around 5:30, assuming we might be a couple of minutes late for our 6pm lesson. Instead we got pretty stupidly lost (and got really bad directions from the 15 year old working the desk), and ended up getting there around 6:45. Grr. So, they had to give our horses away, but had some more for us to ride at 8. The plan was an hour or so lecture and an hour of riding, so it all worked out okay in that respect. Sue, our lovely teacher for the day, said we were going to do a mini-lecture on grooming and tacking. Sigh. I can groom and tack in my sleep, but we knew we had to start somewhere, and that they were mostly trying to gauge our experience, so we curried and brushed and picked hooves, and saddled and bridled and martingaled, and all was fine. We chatted with Sue as we tacked, talking more about our riding experiences, that we rode all through growing up, that I jumped 3'6 courses and showed intercollegiately, that [ profile] greensock taught at a bunch of summer camps and had done quite a bit of dressage. After grooming and tacking, we ended up just hanging out at the benches outside the barn, watching lessons (they have at least 3 outdoor and 2 indoor arenas) and talking, a lot more like three people who rode than one teacher and two students, so that was nice.

Got our horses to the large indoor arena at 8 - I rode Morgan, who was probably 15.1 hands, Quarter Horsey, chestnut, and [ profile] greensock had Moon, a little, chubby Appaloosa mare. Both were bombproof sorts of school horses who spent most of the lesson testing us and seeing what they could get away with, which is always fun, especially when you know how to make them behave but don't have the muscles to do it any more. In any case, we did some stretching, walk, trot, canter and transitions, and called it good. Sue said that we must've been taught well, and she knew a lot of people who said they had been riding for a long time and had any number of bad position problems, and that we had a solid base and everything would come back to us with the muscles. Hoorah - we proved that we really do more or less know what we're doing.

We got home in 25 minutes. Much more reasonable.

We go back today at 2, which is in the middle of the day and therefore will be less heavy with traffic, hopefully. We'll take interstates rather than side roads, and hopefully we'll get there some semblance of on time. My legs hurt less than I thought they would - the only things that are tender and my butt bones, where you make contact with the saddle. We'll see how that changes tomorrow.
It'd be much easier to track my journal entries if I put more titles on them, so I'll make a conscious effort to do that more often. This one refers to the fact that I'm still wearing the flip flops that I tend to wear around the house as slippers. They look enough like regular shoes to pass off as such, but I still feel a little silly. I feel much better since I had my grande iced 2% mocha with whip at S'bucks this morning, though.

I went on a wonderful bike ride yesterday - that's two days in a row of 8 mile bike rides! woohoo! I saw a groundhog and a deer, which made me happy. Then I ate ridiculous amounts of cheeseburger pasta (that would be noodles with peas, cheese, and ground beef - childhood comfort food - I didn't like tomato based sauces until I hit college) and bread with fresh-from-the-garden basil and mozzarella. I've had hugely strong french fry craving recently - I'm trying to hold off until I go back to Ohio this weekend and can go to the bar where I used to always go, and get fries with cheddar melted over them and a honey brown on tap. I'm food-obsessed recently. Keeping a food journal is no longer making me feel guilty enough to not eat ridiculous amounts, so I may have to start posting it all here. Lucky you. I'll maybe start a new journal for that behavior.

I have lofty weekend goals: finish reading the book that I'm writing a review for, analyze all of the files of our students who were admitted to med school, knit a scarf... I guess I have 18 hours in the car in which to accomplish this, so it may be possible.



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