I want to create an inter-automobile communication device that comes installed on all cars, where you can dial someone's license plate number, and it rings through to them. That way, I could ask people to please stop driving 55 in the fast lane, or request politely that they use the correct turn signal when changing lanes. Or maybe it'd be a voice system, so they wouldn't have to actually pick up a phone, which would probably make their driving worse, and would rather just give a warning beep and then yell messages at them.
I'm glad that I got my book in the mail rather than trying to stay awake to procure a copy last night. I finally spent a Friday off being productive, and was very tired by 10 or so. The book arrived around noon, and I'm 100 pages in, and took a break to do a bit of gardening. I'm thinking of sitting out on the front steps with the book, since it's cool and breezy and not yet raining.

I drove Maya today - her pedals are father apart than Sara's were, so I have to actually pick up my foot and intentionally move it from one pedal to the other, which is amusing since I wear size 12 women's shoes, and I wonder if people with smaller feet get leg cramps or something moving back and forth between them. I like the view - sitting up higher than I did in the Neon, but she still feels very big and imposing, and I don't want to ever have to drive her without a chaperone :)

Next weekend I'm hosting two gatherings - a baby shower on Saturday and a kamikaze craft party :) on Sunday - must get to work on cleaning the house soon. Tim will be headed out of town on Friday, so I'm sure I'll find plenty of time Friday evening, unless I find something more interesting to do.
okay, i really don't have time to post today because my to-do list is a mile long and i haven't started and i'm leaving work right after my 11:00 appointment, but i feel the need to say something, so i am.

sara is done, we decided not to fix her, the mechanics say that even if we invest in the new engine, the transmission is likely to go in 2 years or so. we emailed chrysler to let them know that the car they sold us three years ago just died completely, that the mechanics and a lot of people we know have seen the same problems with neons around 75K miles, and that it was unfortunate that they were selling such a car on a 60 month lease when they knew that the car might completely die even before payments were up. we weren't really expecting empathy, and we got none, so there's that.

today we're headed to VA to pick up Jeremiah, or Maya for short, who will be a green 2003 Subaru Forester. we can't really afford Maya so well, but we'll figure it out. it just means buying less mochas and going out to cheaper restaurants, so there's our excuse for checking out all the hole-in-the-wall ethnic places, right? we're leasing, not buying, and the mileage limit that they're putting on us will mean we have to stay within the miles/years on the powertrain warranty, so i guess that's a good thing. i've been wanting a forester anyway, and i'm starting to get excited, even though i'm horribly concerned about

i'm so glad that i get to work at home tomorrow - just not having to make the 35 minute commute each way will help me find enough time to get everything set for work on monday. i've never been so busy, which must be why all this crazy car stuff, and the stress of a third dog (i'm dogsitting for two months - i've mentioned that, right?) is happening right now.
Okay, so it looks like it wouldn't be worth the money to fix our little car, as the mechanics say that even if we did rebuild the engine, the transmission would probably die in the next two years, and we don't like Sara enough to fix her (well, we like her, we just don't like her and two large-ish dogs at the same time). So now we're thinking of leasing a Forester, since we can't afford to buy it now, or make very large payments (i.e. >$300), but we can afford to lease, and should be able to afford to buy it, or its newer friend, by the time five years rolls around. I'm not sure how we'll stay within the 12K/year deal, so maybe we'll negotiate that up or something. In any case, I guess I'm glad that we're financially sound enough to be able to cover such an emergency, even if it's really annoying that we have to. I can't wait til Tim isn't at Grad Assistant salary any more.

That's the big news, and that's about all that's occupying my thoughts right now. I cooked last night to make myself feel better - vegetarian french onion soup, which Tim seemed to think was good (I don't like it - I just like the smell). I had pad-thai-in-a-box, and that was fine and good with me. I'm thinking of heading down to the commons to get some french fries in the near future, since a piece of pizza and some carrots was apparently not enough lunch.
Anybody have a spare 2000 Dodge Neon motor handy? 'cause I could use one. Our little Sara, who turnd three right around now, but also has 75K miles, decided to putter out and die on the highway yesterday. The lovely people at the Texaco down the street said something about coolant leakage, motor dead, $2500, and that this is a common problem with Neons that hit this many miles. Why didn't someone tell us that when we bought her..? So now we'll probably put a hold on building the new bathroom in the basement and buy a new car, or see if Tim's mom wants to give up her old car that she was thinking of giving us (which is ironic, since Tim has had to pay for his own cars since he turned 16 -- not sure why she decided to give us a car now).

So does anyone have a car to recommend to us? We want something that can go lots of miles, since we road-trip a lot, and can hold two dogs comfortably, preferably far away from us. We're thinking Subaru Forrester or VW Wagon, but who knows, really.
So I had to drive myself, unchaperoned, to the park and ride this morning. I've driven maybe a total of a mile in the past month and a half, so even though this was only an eight-or-so minute drive, it still felt like trial by fire, especially since it involved driving on the Beltway.

I don't know what it is about me and driving. My dad doesn't drive, my grandmother doesn't drive, my brother got his license around age 22, and my sister (almost 18) hasn't even bothered taking Driver's Ed yet. Maybe it's genetic? In any case, I have many natural abilities. I think I'm passably good at most things that I want to be good at. With the one exception of driving.

When I tried to learn to drive in college, I freaked out about a left hand turn, and ran into a stop sign. I wasn't even going fast enough to engage the airbags, but I was also driving my (now ex-) boyfriend's Geo Metro, so the stop sign won. I tried to learn awhile later in my (also now ex-) boyfriend's baby blue Giant Cadillac, and I think I ran up on a curb or some such. I only have my license now because you can get one by just taking the written exam in Iowa (vaguely scary, but I guess in a state where you're raised driving the family tractor around, the DMV assumes you're good to go without proof).

While I was learning, I had recurring anxiety dreams in which I was driving and couldn't get the car to stop. I'd press and press on the brake, and we just kept moving. I'm 95% over those now, but I still have a cycle of random emotions when a situation where I have to drive approaches.

Last night, I was whiny and annoying and trying to think of ways to get out of having to drive to the park-n-ride. This morning, I was generally unhappy. Driving, I'm usually fine, as long as the music on the CD is familiar and soothing (I can't listen to NPR or the radio - too much distraction with the voices). I do have what feels like a dangerous tendency to zone out and not realize that I've driven stretches. I know this is normal once you get used to driving, but in someone like me whose reaction to vehicular uncertainty has only recently moved from completely frozen to slamming on brakes, it's not necessarily a good thing. Once I'm safely wherever I'm going, a giddy euphoria/yay I'm not dead feeling sets in. And then we start the cycle all over again thinking about the drive home. Sigh.



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