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In my mind, I have relocated the excitement of the new year to my annual trek to New Orleans, which started in 2011. Tim's birthday happens during New Orleans, I see a lot of my friends at New Orleans, the school year is closer to being back into gear when I return from New Orleans. It does mean that I lose about 20 days of productivity at work, though. I'm trying to be better this year, but it's barely working.

I have gotten some of my personal routines into gear a little bit better than I might sometimes. I have been to the gym three times since the first. I have moved my Games folder on my phone to the second screen so that I don't immediately see it and play stupid Candy Crush as a default option (especially since I have no new boards to play on Candy Crush right now). I have a couple of books started, and a knitting project that will go on the needles today. I have reset our budget based on last year's spending so that it might be a bit more realistic, and loaded that into Mint. I'm studying a bit. It's hard to know how many things to try to 'fix' in a new year without burning out and giving up entirely on all of them. I think more than anything else, I want to be better at budgeting and being mindful of my rate of eating in light of my rate of moving my body. Maybe revisiting the livejournal and tracking a bit more will help.



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