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Yesterday, there was an info session for Quinnipiac's new medical school (just accredited a month ago) - I decided that was good excuse enough to go into the city. The presentation was at the same place where I attended a Scrabble tourney over Labor Day, so I knew all the restaurants in the area - had the taco at Earl's Beer and Cheese (cabbage, pulled pork, cheese, radishes, all wrapped in a giant scallion pancake), and grabbed a red velvet muffin at MY NY to take home, which I ate for breakfast.

The meeting itself was meh. I got a nice free journal, and learned bits and pieces, but mostly learned how much is still up in the air/unknown when starting a brand new med school.

Red Rooster for dinner. Good, but not the most value for the quality that we've found in NY (I'd give that to the Modern, in terms of fancy restaurants we have visited recently). I had gravlax, roasted duck (one of the more perfect ducks I've had recently) served with curried lentils and mustard greens, and a pecany cupcake. Tim had a white bean and asian pear soup, and coconut rice with curried peas. My coworker Allison came with us, and had the jerk bacon and egg (I had a bunch of it - pork  belly, brown beans, sunny side up egg - nom), meatballs, and a mud pie. We each had cocktails -- mine was called the 'yes chef,' and had mint-infused vodka, lemon and lime juices, ginger beer, and a bit of berbere spice, and it was delightful, though more summer than fall/winter.

After dinner, we headed toward Chelsea to see Eataly, but it was too crowded for me to deal with. Met up with Ben, who moved to NYC a week-ish ago. This was Allison's first real experience socializing with a Scrabble player, which is always fun for me to watch. We'll be back in the city right after Thanksgiving, and I made a Scrabble date for the first week of December as well - am hoping to catch the holiday market in Union Square during one of those visits, since I'm very behind in my holiday shopping.

Date: 2012-11-14 12:15 am (UTC)
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one of my students wrote his paper in my class last year about the formation of quinnipiac's med school. i realize this is very tangential to your nyc visit, but i'm all about random tangents.



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