Sep. 15th, 2013

Dovetail is a great choice for half-veg/half-omnivore couples. We had two excellent tasting menus, and they even swapped out the course of death (ie scallops, to which  I am allergic) for another option:

I had --
Sadie's Sour: Bourbon, Uncouth Raspberry Vermouth, fresh raspberry, citrus, basil
breads plus: white cheddar corn bread, wheat cracker, a truffled arancini
amuse: green tea panna cotta with a layer of beet-champagne gelee, topped with a bit of smoked salmon and shiso, served with a spoon of spicy tofu with a cube of watermelon on top
heirloom tomato salad with beer cheese and peanuts
dungeness crab with barley, fennel, meyer lemon and snow peas
gnocchi with mangalitsa ham, chanterelles
halibut confit, spinach, haricots verts, artichokes
sautéed foie gras with graham cracker puree and huckleberries
prime filet mignon, with a leek wellington, roasted fingerlings and a truffled bone marrow sauce
palate cleanser: cucumber sorbet with meringue
pre-dessert: parmesan ice cream with hazelnuts, lemon crouton and other things we don't remember
dark chocolate cremeux with whiskey marshmallo, chocolate crumble and ice cream

tim had --
Yellow Bell Pepperita: aged tequila, mezcal, citrus, mixed salts
same breads
amuse: lentils and roasted carrots with some kind of aioli plus the tofu/watermelon spoon
cucumber vichysoisse with compressed pineapple and basil
summer mosaic salad, which had a little bit of everything and some cool sauces to go with
ricotta agnolotti with corn and blueberries
soft boiled egg with braised fennel and summer truffles over barley risotto
zucchini tart with pistachios and rosemary honey
foraged greens croustillant with olives and spring onions
same palate cleanser and pre-dessert
beet red velvet cake, sour cream frosting, strawberry ice cream, milk chocolate

mignardises: yuzu-peach gelee, macaroon with red wine something in the middle, milk chocolate with ginger, dark chocolate with caramel, linzer torte

plus a rose wine (cinsault/grenache blend) called La Mascaronne, from Provence (2012)



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