Oct. 15th, 2012


Oct. 15th, 2012 09:44 am
i flew to ann arbor for a work thing on monday, returned late wednesday, then got up at 6am on thursday to drive from nh to nj and get to work for noon. worked the rest of the day and friday. friday included giving a talk, at 330pm, to about 100 parents in one of those bowl-shaped rooms where you're at the bottom and everyone is staring down at you. i have gotten more accustomed to public speaking over the years, but i'm still not a fan of this sort of room. especially at the end of a very long week. yes, i am speaking in sentence fragments *and* run-on sentences this morning. i am just that talented.

so anyway, this weekend was the perfect complement to a harried week. i mostly just sat on the couch. tim baked cookies. i made pork carnitas (nominally following these guidelines) and then transformed the meat into tostadas, pizza topping, and nachos over the course of two days. i watched all of firefly, then serenity, then the commentary track on serenity, all while playing facebook angry birds. i also knitted up a cowl in Malabrigo Rios, one of my favorite yarns.

this week is supposed to be fairly quiet at work, and it's only a four day week because i'm off to lake george this weekend, where my friends will try to drink all of the remaining beers in the Tiki inventory. and it will be good.



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