Oct. 2nd, 2012

okay, so it has been an all out since just about april. to recap: get new job, have supervisor resign before arriving at new job, working two jobs at once, flying betwen the two once a week for a month, then ending up taking over supervisor's job without really expecting it, and thus opening the year in charge of an office at princeton. also: oversee getting 136 letters of recommendation written and sent to med/dental/vet schools in the course of about four months.

but, it is all settling down. the year has begun. almost all of the letters are out. our office is fully staffed and has been for about a month. october should be fun: i get to go to u of michigan med for a few days. a few schools are visiting our grad school fair so i'll get to check in with a few more admissions reps. there are two weekends of scrabble, one in which i'm playing and one in which i'm not. and then toronto for the first weekend of november. now, i have to actually figure out how to spend the time. it has been pretty straightforward up until now: get the most pressing things done. letters out, person hired, year started up. there was enough work to fill 40 hours a day, and i just had to get to the thing that was at the highest priority. now that it's quieting a little, the priorities are a little less obvious, and some better long range planning should be put together. we shall see.



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